Xiaochang: good "wind," "light" inject an inexhaustible motive force

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Good 'wind,' 'light' inject an inexhaustible motive force - Takamasa practice green development of clean energy chapter

Red May Xiaochang County Dawu Mountain, 23 huge 'windmill' stands in the hill, and not far from Lake Guanyin distant relative, form a beautiful and harmonious landscape volumes. Takamasa put into Ridge community wind power projects, not only attracted a large number of sightseeing visitors to the county added a new tourist attraction, the more the county bring considerable tax revenue.

Recently, the Xiaochang county government practice green philosophy, the development of clean energy industry as the transformation of development mode, adjust the economic structure, foster new economic growth an important breakthrough point, vigorously develop clean energy industry, solar power, wind power, natural gas and other projects have settled Xiaochang, constitute a new clean energy industry sector.

PV industry springing up

Zou Gangzhen new Okimura, neatly arranged rows of photovoltaic panels, spectacular. Zougang Zhen party secretary Deng Shengtang introduced Xiaochang Lutheran photovoltaic agricultural industrial park a 2000 acres has been basically completed, the plan in June this year and power generation. after the project is completed, will become central China's largest collection of photovoltaic power generation, eco-tourism, agricultural tourism in one of modern agricultural sightseeing new energy ecological park.

PV with energy saving, saving power transmission equipment, protection and conservation of land, generation capacity and other advantages of flexible configuration, it is possible to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is the national advocate for and support the power industry. Recent years, Xiaochang seize opportunities for development, has introduced a Lutheran photovoltaic, solar Nisshin, Kam power energy projects, photovoltaic power generation projects from scratch, from small to large, showing a development trend everywhere.

The newly built Lutheran photovoltaic project covers an area of 4,000 acres, the construction of 150 1MWP stationary power generation units, installed 260-watt polycrystalline silicon solar cell module 579 824, simultaneously supporting the construction of the line and 110KV booster station sent a total investment of 1.2 billion.

The project leader, 25-year average annual Lutheran photovoltaic generation capacity of 150 million kwh, annual savings of 48,500 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 146,000 tons, 39,800 tons of toner dust.

An upcoming project and network, located in Baisha Town, Sanhe Village Lutheran PV two projects have been started, plans to build 100 MWp of photovoltaic power stations agriculture industrial park has been completed topography surveying, electricity access program design work.

After the entire Lutheran PV projects are completed, the average annual generating capacity of 400 million KWh, can achieve an annual sales income of 400 million yuan, 40 million yuan annual pay taxes, to achieve a win-win economic and ecological benefits.

The county also photovoltaic industry and poverty combine precision, the creation of pro-poor pattern photovoltaic industry, this year plans to Wang Zhen, Zou Gangzhen pilot, each invested about 50 million yuan each to build a 6 MW photovoltaic power plant. Centralize Union build mode, each point, build 100 villages, each village installed capacity of 50 kilowatts. after the completion of the project, hosted by the enterprise, poor villages to benefit each year for key poverty-stricken village collective economic income increase of $ 50,000.

The fairy Xiaohe Village of solar photovoltaic power generation project has completed the installation, and the network is about to produce benefits. Takamasa also plans on a pilot basis in 428 poor villages to implement PV industry, to create 'poor province photovoltaic industry demonstration counties.'

Wind power in the ascendant

'Since our company's wind power projects run for four months, the monthly electricity in six million kW? H or so, is operating successfully.' Power Investment Co., Ltd. Hubei sector Ridge wind project manager Zhang Guoping told us that due to the operation of the wind power project the benefit is quite good, the company has been considering construction of two projects is expected to be implemented next year.

Implementation of the project for the construction of Xiaochang energy industry to inject new vitality to fill the gaps Takamasa wind power.

CPI Hubei sector Ridge Wind Power Co., Ltd. in 2014 established, has built wind power project located in the small Wu Township Xiaochang County Dawu Mountain, fan with stand-alone capacity of 1500KW units, a total of 23 units with a total installed capacity of 34,500 KW. The total investment 280 million yuan, designed annual capacity of about 64.2 million Internet kW? h, annual economic benefits of about 39.16 million yuan.

Run in the side edge maintenance Meanwhile, the company is also implementing civil cable trench backfill, construction of drainage ditches, gravel pit road pavement, increase and improve the retaining wall, complete and water conservation, environmental protection, green engineering, ecological restoration Dawu Mountain .

Success Xiaochang sector Ridge wind power projects, but also to other energy companies Xiaochang cast a look of favor now, Hubei Energy Corporation, has been in Beacon Hill, Mountain Quartet construction of a wind monitoring tower, continuous monitoring of more than two years.

Beijing investment company also declared force Xiaochang signed, the company's wind power has entered the pre-planning stage.

Natural gas industry has scale

Xiaochang does not produce natural gas, but the 'East Gas Pipeline' After Xiaochang County steep mountain in the county took part in the construction of transmission station. Takamasa play this unique advantages, in Shan steep construction of new energy industrial park to attract related businesses to settle and develop natural gas related industries in full swing.

Steep Township party secretary Cheng Yahua introduced new energy park is located in the township of East Gas Pipeline Project has been completed and distribution stations Xiaogan, Hubei filial latent gas companies and other six business lines receiving station, still under construction Kunlun Gas, Thailand burning gas and other four projects, has signed three projects in Hubei Kam biomass power plants. after the whole park is completed, the annual production value of up to 50 billion yuan, profits of 10 billion yuan and tax of the yuan, drive around employment of 3,000 people.

Industrial Park to take shape, the county has embarked on the preparation of the overall planning and industrial concentration area development planning their own characteristics, high starting point, prospectively studied plan to make infrastructure planning and industrial planning simultaneous implementation and simultaneous construction, project-oriented industries supporting the development of industrial projects leave enough space to make a fuss and focus on the development of circular economy, the extension of the chain, to maximize the utilization of resources and energy consumption and the environment are minimized.

After several years of market cultivation and development of the natural gas market Xiaochang demand growth year after year, to the end of last year, Xiaochang urban residents is 18,000 natural gas, commercial and public service user 214, the annual gas consumption of 400 Articles. Natural Gas development of the industry also plagued residents for years Xiaochang gas problem solved.

According to Jia Xu Xiaochang Natural Gas Co., Ltd., general manager Shen Lin Jieshao think, before the company has been taking cars luck way, after the compression of natural gas transported back to Anlu Xiaochang, residents again supply not only high costs encountered rain and snow, natural gas supply can not be guaranteed.

Relying Xiaochang distribution stations, the company established in the garden town of Yan Zhaicun receiving gate stations, the natural gas by pipeline to every household currently receives door station project construction, process piping, electrical instrumentation automation systems, fire systems, lightning protection and grounding, etc. have been completed at the end of May the project is expected to put into operation gas, city gas Xiaochang solve tensions.

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