Innovation and entrepreneurship in Hunan University Students Union was established to promote entrepreneurial development Students

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Original title: innovation and entrepreneurship in Hunan University Students Union was established to promote entrepreneurial development Students

BEIJING, Changsha May 23 (Reporter correspondent Li Junjie rise of Deng Feng) 23, innovation and entrepreneurship in Hunan University Students Union was established in Changsha. The Alliance will rely on innovation and entrepreneurship students base conditions are ripe state universities and municipalities, business parks promote Hunan youth innovation and entrepreneurship students better and faster development.

2016 'Year of Youth' for College Students in Entrepreneurship Contest and the 'Challenge Cup - Rainbow Life' Hunan Vocational School Innovation and Benefit Entrepreneurship Competition closing ceremony was held in conjunction Li Zhi, deputy director of the Friends of the Standing Committee of Hunan Province, Hunan Province attended the innovation and entrepreneurship for college students. Union inaugurated.

'Year of Youth' and the 'Challenge Cup' Business Plan Competition, jointly organized by the Communist Youth League of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Hunan Provincial Education Department and other departments. Since the contest started in March this year, there were from the province's 33 colleges and 49 vocational colleges the 479 works, participate in the competition group of University Business plan competition, challenge business practices, social entrepreneurship and game higher technical group creative design contest categories.

After the team returns, university initial evaluation, qualification and expert review and other sectors, Central South University students founded the 'Hunan Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ke Rui race' and other 30 works were 'a youth' contest Gold Award, Hunan University students founded the 'Changsha cutting-edge technology Co., Ltd. 'and other 56 works won a silver, four-dimensional Hunan Normal optometrists and other 203 works won a bronze medal, Changsha Environmental Protection College' in situ with indigenous microbes selectively induce longer run Coupled with pollution water 'and other seven works by the' Challenge Cup - rainbow life 'contest grand prize, Hunan biological and electromechanical Polytechnic' Zhai Scenic smart micro landscape 'and other 15 works won the first prize, Changsha Social work College' cut 'solar water heaters, water-saving devices and other 38 works won the second prize, and another 45 works intended to award prize, Changsha University, Yongzhou Mission City 2016' Challenge Cup ', 10 colleges and universities, Central South University, and other groups and Yiyang Municipal Communist Youth League and other five cities and prefectures to get 'their cup.'

Lee Chi said that business competition help students more in-depth understanding of the market, more mature towards society and he hoped that young college students to be a strong play and aggressive awareness, and strive to realize the value of life in innovation and entrepreneurship while education departments should strengthen the innovation entrepreneurship education, innovation and entrepreneurship education to promote the scientific, institutionalized and standardized, the relevant functional departments should conscientiously implement policies and measures to provide effective protection to support innovation and entrepreneurship students, college students whimsy into innovative entrepreneurial achievements, as ' China dream 'building blocks. (End) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 湖南省大學生創新創業聯盟成立 推動大學生創業發展