Jiangsu intends to increase 600 million yuan to 7.571 billion yuan for housing support local government debt

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The intersection point of hearing in Jiangsu Province, Finance Minister Liu Handong-second session of the Standing Committee of the 23rd meeting on 23 May, said, Jiangsu adjusted 2016 provincial budget, the proposed increase housing security expenditure of 600 million yuan, all for the arrangement of the provincial stage construction of affordable housing subsidies.

The reason for the provincial budget adjustments, one by the Ministry of Finance, Jiangsu Nuclear 2016 local government debt limit (general debt increased 33.7 billion yuan, 53.9 billion yuan of special debt increase, the total increase of 87.6 billion yuan), the second is in accordance with relevant provisions of the State continue to make an inventory of the stock of financial funds to co-ordinate the use of all types of budget. These factors led to the provincial general public budget, and the total amount of revenue and expenditure structure of government budget funds are changed.

Under the program, proposed by the provincial total revenue 587.322 billion yuan year adjusted to 622.52 billion yuan, a total increase of 35.198 billion yuan.

Increased 35.198 billion yuan How? Proposed new arrangements for local government bonds and other expenses 7.571 billion yuan, which increased transportation expenses 5.95 billion yuan, an increase of forestry and water spending 965 million yuan, increase housing security expenditure of 600 million yuan, an increase of energy saving spending 055 million yuan. in addition, the balance of carry-over funds transferred to schedule spending 165 million yuan, mainly for exploration expenses and other information, supplementary budget stabilization fund 1.437 billion yuan, an increase of general local government bond lending and counties spending 260.31 billion, adjusted by a total of 35.204 billion yuan, while for decrease carry-over project expenditure last year 006 million yuan. decrease offset, total expenditure increased by 35.198 billion yuan.

Intersection reporter Wang Ying

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Traditional Chinese: 江蘇擬增加6億元用於住房保障 75.71億元用於地方債