The first three new board Warren: I want to buy 1000 shell I have redeemed three new board

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Zhang Xiaolei breath buy four three new board company.

Bao network president Zhang Xiaolei money. Money treasure net official website that he is a micro-business platform. Qian Bao Zhang Xiaolei said the mission of salvation.

In December 2015, was born in 1969, Zhang Xiaolei, breath bought three new board four shells, namely the Department of Science and Technology, Jager shares, bubble treasure net, Hongxiang-long.

Month to become the actual controller 4 three new board company, pay close attention to the degree of share transfer system.

'I not only want to buy 4 case, I still want to buy 40, 400, 1000 shell. I want to redeem the entire new board!' One morning in mid-May, the weather is good, the hotel Beijing Jing Zhuang nearby courtyard, face

, Zhang Xiaolei said, you know, three new board will now more than 7,000 companies.

Of course, when chatting about the attitude of the shares switched system, he also seems to believe that this dream difficult to realize, so he hopes to go directly listed on this road.

Prior to this, maybe you do not know Zhang Xiaolei, but you must know that the leadership of the Chinese team into the World Cup, Milutinovic, then Zhang Xiaolei is Milutinovic broker.

Born in 1969, graduated from high school in 1987, about to enter in the known fate, claiming to redeem the three new board, middle-aged man, he has what kind of story?

He wanted to 'salvation' new three board 'wanted to buy 1000 shell'

In 1997, after graduating from high school to start a business of Zhang Xiaolei it has become a millionaires, followed by nothing, and then start all over again.

Again and again re-start, Zhang Xiaolei worked securities, immigration, football club. Every venture of Zhang Xiaolei it is a new starting point. In 2011, Zhang Xiaolei founded money treasure net.

. 'In fact, I have little interest in the new three board' Zhang Xiaolei curled his lip, 'such a big country, more than 7,000 companies a year to tens of billions of stars such financing, which enough ah!' (Note: in 2015 three new board financing the amount of 120 billion, but excluding financing PE institutions, indeed, only tens of billions)

Breeze blowing, two 90 men after Zhang Xiaolei also sat together, quietly listening.

But even so, he bought four new board company. 'Because they occupy such a resource allocation right itself is unreasonable, what do they possess such resources! I bought a new board company called bubble net, do electronic business, when they look to our company, to startle them. our company is too big! we look to their company, but also shocked that their company is too small. in this way, or a new three board listed company? incredible. '

Zhang Xiaolei reach for a glass of wine, she swallowed a mouthful.

'I found that every day with red scarf photographed person shares transfer system. There's nothing to photograph? For a business enterprise, and become a new board company, even if the A-share company, is not worth a thing to show off, this is a financing platform it! 'more than one cup dry wine, Zhang Xiaolei face flushed,' for example, I bought this four three new board company with our group as compared to simply can not see! our monthly directors meeting, they Glenealy tickets is not qualified. '

Zhang Xiaolei think so many 'bad business' occupied social resources. (

Note: At present, three new board has a 2521 net profit of more than 10 million yuan of the company, the GEM can not be compared with three new board has become China's most important capital for innovation and entrepreneurship support one platform).

'So, I've come to redeem this market ah!' Zhang Xiaolei said.

Cause Zhang Xiaolei RTO is very simple, he says he has plenty of company assets to be injected, he wants to help the unprofitable enterprise profitable. Despise three new board company's Zhang Xiaolei claims that money Bao's industry covers the game, derivative, Ticket , o2o, new energy, environmental protection, and unmanned aerial vehicles and other fields.

In the game's case, Zhang Xiaolei said the money game Po 2015 profit of 1.5 billion!

Familiar with the game industry people may understand the 2015 A-share game company CY Bao (300,052 profit of only 60 million, another A-share game company Youzu Interactive (002,174 profit of only 516 million, and one of the leading gaming industry Netease, 2015 full-year profit of 6.7 billion overall.

In other words, according to Zhang Xiaolei say, the game is equivalent to a single money Bao Bao CY 25, 3 tour, Group 1/4 NetEase, but many people gaming industry does not seem to know the existence of this company.

But there seems to share their views turn system according to Zhang Xiaolei say, even though he wanted to buy lots and lots of shells, but when he bought the fourth time, shares transfer system, he said, 'you first, and so, you first these Dunong over to get another. '

Massive backdoor this road does not seem good to go. Zhang Xiaolei said, 'too much trouble, why buy ah? Hang himself (brand) chant. Before being told not to bother, been fooled. Flicker to flicker chant. Fudge is also a a good thing, so that stocks turn attention to you, so it does not become good friends. '

'Salvation' means more than 'three new board to help corporate profits,' as well as attract more investors.

'Three new board is no shortage of companies, lack of real investors, you are so big a dish only 25 million people, one million of our own accord have three new board QFII requirements of users. If we private placement to them if they are willing to follow we go ...... 'Zhang Xiaolei believe that they will give the new board to bring a new atmosphere.

'We are a company with 140 million users of the enterprise'

Qian Po network business model is very simple, user registration, deposit required, do the task, to receive benefits.

For example, to make a gain of 91.18 yuan task, you'll first need to treasure the money to pay 8000 yuan deposit, which lock-up period 26 days to complete the task can not punish 49.86 yuan. The way to do the task, as long as you watch ads or buy products can be you can also put the task own social network, so that other people through your link to register money Bao pay a deposit and complete the task. this development is an offline mode that allows you to get more revenue.

It is this model, so that the outside world think that money is the class P2P + Po network MLM.

However, Zhang Xiaolei not think so.

'We purchased the user's behavior, distribution is the user's attention, accept deposits in order to filter user! We do not have money to make money to buy.'

'MLM must have a few levels, we like MLM nothing to do. We have recommended this thing, but I recommend you, you become a wallet users, your behavior, I have income, but you recommend him, he behavior, you have income but I do not. this is the biggest difference with MLM. we only single line, you can not step on the red line ah. so if the general volume of business in the wrong place, then you would have been investigated. the fail to get you, the police asked me.

'We are not Internet financial, and China is no such thing as Internet banking, have been together and annihilate, was not to be.' Zhang Xiaolei to the cup against the glass of Coke, habitually touched bald 'in Chinese do business, we must have a sufficiently high political literacy and political military strategy. '

And Zhang Xiaolei said before the 19 investment companies, it is possible through the 'user attention' and 'user behavior' The hatch is made.

A man named 'thunder' media is used to prove the value of 140 million users attention. 'We call the media thunder, I read a volume of about 100 million people, 27 million of the 75 days to read this way reported reading every time a dollar, about a year profit 200 million profit. 'Zhang Xiaolei said.

If this is an independent media and the data is true, it would make all Chinese media to shame.

If one day treasure money problems, it must be because 'the world is destroyed.'

Gate money Po network companies have a special display wall side of the wall there are some who believe that Zhang Xiaolei world to bring about change, but has disappeared companies, including Lehman Brothers, Rishengchang, Kodak, Bell Labs, and the money treasure at the very center display wall.

Display wall side is Zhang Xiaolei personally wrote the passage, 'That day will come, the day Wang Qian (

NOTE: Money is money Wang Bao parent company) will eventually die, die on the way to the future is the future of our homeland, Soul Come back, those great names of singing. '.

'Health to death Well! What this means is that we are not left to determine everything, only one thing is certain, and that is death. When you go to the damn Enron accepted on the line. In other words speak that day, your historic mission is over, you make no other historical mission to carry the oracle has disappeared. 'Zhang Xiaolei explains.

In order to prop up the mission of Zhang Xiaolei, money treasure gathered about 1,500 employees, in order to manage the company, Zhang Xiaolei designed a very peculiar mechanism. He put the company's highest decision-making body called the 'Investment Management Committee', one side has 'Investment management oversight Committee ', under which a separate' election commission. 'the first two by the employees, the latter by the Po powder (Qian Bao network users) composed by the' EC 'elections' JISC 'members, and then from 'JISC' elections 'investment committee' members.

Zhang Xiaolei said that his reference to the US Senate and House of Representatives of Congress system. As the highest political level 'investment committee' of 19 members average age of 30 years of age, was born 1990 years ago after a group of lads.

Zhang Xiaolei is a chicken, Leo, in his possession which is called the standard leader configuration chat, Zhang Xiaolei like to use the 'elected president' to describe himself, 'country' as a metaphor for the money treasure, the challenges with the 'war' to describe the face . 'is not a metaphor, is to fight ah! every day in the fight, the enemy complex, changing enemy.' he said.

'You want to live inside what age?'

Asked Zhang Xiaolei.

'Right now this day and age!' Zhang reeti mention sleeves, 'I live in what era, which era is the most suitable for my age.'

'If one day, Qian Po network problems, you think it is because of what?'


He put the glass down, stunned for a few seconds, immediately smiled. 'Destroy the world!' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 新三板第一奇人:我要買1000個殼 我要救贖新三板