Kunming 574 Yixintang pharmacies can not charge any fees the collection of water

Updated: May 21, 2016  Views: 222

20, Kunming General Water Water Co., Ltd., currently has officially opened the collection of water Yixintang pharmacy outlets throughout the city of Kunming, 574 Yixintang pharmacy can collect water.

In January, due to excellent pay through security check system information and network security evaluation work, leading to excellent pay through its partners 'one church', 'Health of the best' of all the stores to stop water of cash collection business. Kunming water recovery after general pharmacy Yixintang the collection of water outlets, outlets not charge any fees such as fees charged encounter, please call 96 106 complaints.

Kunming tap water to pay There are many ways: tap the operating room, Yixintang pharmacy, micro-channel wallet, Alipay, online banking, Lee electrical supermarkets, Queensland wide network cards cross card, commissioned by Debit or concern 'Kunming Water Company.' No micro-channel public service platform, you can quickly paid after the account number is bound water, water can also query, the price ladder standards, program announcements and other information without water.

City Times reporter Zhang Xiaoyan

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Traditional Chinese: 昆明574個一心堂藥店可代收水費 不收任何手續費