Endorsement of the new photo! Angelababy premarital Mito

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Sina game news News October 8, after a five-year courtship, the national leader of the goddess Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming eventually get married. Today, a group of the latest series of posters by the Angelababy endorsement >> << days encyclical also taken exposure, one who played the game multiple roles.

Baidi jersey COS

In this poster baby dressed in White jersey, expand razor consisting of giant wings flying in the clouds, noble and beautiful atmosphere blowing. << >> Worldview encyclical day and poster frame is the same, filled oriental fantasy style romantic feeling, personally penned by the famous writer Jiangnan complete worldview.

angelababy endorsement << >> latest encyclical day poster

<< >> Days encyclical BIG BANG use self-development engine to achieve a seamless transition between different scenes, the whole world integration, allowing the player to get rid of the progress bar, air wall bondage, while the free flight system that allows Players travel to the game world, and posters of the baby on the same heart and freedom.

angelababy endorsement << >> latest encyclical day poster

Battle dress COS

When the baby put on battle dress, a valiant female Ares will appear on the poster figure baby walking in Jianzhong replica sword among expression filled with caution, because encyclical >> << day copy is full of difficulty and challenging.

angelababy endorsement << >> latest encyclical day poster

Social invite COS

Su Lan adventurers guild, baby put dressed in white, waving toward the lens movement, seems to be an invitation to the team's players. Game adventure necessarily need to have a reliable partner, << day encyclical >> has a perfect social system, on-line friends remind convenient chat system, intelligent team and other functions.

angelababy endorsement << >> latest encyclical day poster

Decorated with two angle points against

This poster baby who played two corners, beautiful Woman in White and crape myrtle rattling, explosive showdown. As the battlefield posters, encyclical >> << day PVP system includes a hundred people with screen territory war, 3V3 struggle between life and death squad, cross-service battlefield, the arena and so on.

angelababy endorsement << >> latest encyclical day poster

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