Financial institutions "on the cloud" individual loan costs less than one dollar

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 30

Zhang Jing Yi Chien

The point in time of the first anniversary, ants gold clothes to the 'Internet propeller' program and then move a big step forward, launched the 'ant financial cloud.' This means that cloud computing capabilities and technology components ants gold accumulated over the years of service Financial institutions will be fully liberalized.

For small and medium financial institutions lack the financial and technical capabilities, 'Ant financial cloud' to launch significant: You can use a lower cost to build a financial needs of the system to adapt to the Internet, in order to cope with the explosive growth of user base. applicability of the service, and even can be widely applied to many areas of banking, securities, funds, insurance, trust, corporate finance and other financial institutions to provide a complete middleware for surface monitoring, operation and maintenance management, big data, mobile and secure a comprehensive solution.

In addition to non-quantifiable and technology of blunt words, but many details of the change can also display the 'Ant financial cloud' of significance for financial institutions. For example, in the 'cloud', the operating costs of financial institutions will be greatly reduced, single cost of the loan is not to 1 yuan, after receiving financial cloud formation technology, financial institutions can quickly build up their own 'Alipay [microblogging],' and may even shorter period to two weeks.

Meet their urgent needs: traditional financial institutions reduce operational costs

With the advent of the Internet era of finance, financial services exhibit frequent small features, but the high cost of traditional IT architectures, concurrent capacity is weak, poor scalability characteristics difficult to cope with this change. 'Ant gold dress are all aspects of the landing 'advance control program ', and cloud computing brings to help financial institutions and promote the very direct. 'ant gold dress CTO Cheng Li said, there are more than 3000 models ants gold dress platform, by means of this platform, financial institutions By analyzing the user's personal characteristics, to know the needs of users.

Ants in the 2015 gold dress Share Day, 'Ant financial cloud' was released. Well Yin Dong ants financial CEO stressed that open 'Ant financial cloud' is an important step in the ant gold service 'Internet propeller' program, it is The most important areas of open platform technology to financial institutions.

More importantly, the financial cloud will solve these problems for financial institutions, especially the lack of financial and technical capabilities of small and medium financial institutions to deal with the plan.

'Financial cloud is not zero, is standing on top of a giant [microblogging] shoulders, Ali cloud-based [microblogging] R & D, while allowing Ali cloud has a financial attributes can be used in the financial industry.' Ants Gold service chief technical architect Hu Xi said the financial cloud ant inherited ability aliyun 5000 machines connected into a cluster of distributed computing services it provides, allows financial institutions to get rid of the shackles of the traditional IT infrastructure. At the same time, financial organizations can quickly and inexpensively to demand procurement services, without self-build.

This feature will allow the 'cloud' of financial institutions significantly reduce operating costs. In transfers, etc., for example, the cost of single payments system from the traditional IT architecture reduced to a few cents 1 cent, lower costs to the traditional single account few tenths system, the cost of single loan need only less than 1 yuan, allowing financial institutions to provide users with no transfer fee, annual fee free service small accounts.

Teach him to fish: improve R & D capabilities of financial institutions

In addition to providing the underlying cloud distributed computing capabilities, ants financial cloud technology accumulated over the past decade also extracted a number of tools available to financial institutions. In simple terms, 'cloud' of financial institutions like ants do not need to hire as many gold dress technical personnel, the use of these tools can have Ant gold dress same technical capabilities.

Hu Xi explained that it suits techniques ant gold every year experience the 'double 11' exam, with a level of financial security, the ability of continuous, reliable service, but also represents the most cutting-edge technology of Internet financial capability, 'financial cloud by ants, Financial institutions can use to obtain low cost, without own research and development. '

Hu Xi also stressed that the financial institution will be settled ant financial cloud provides a wealth of technical components, users can easily set up a financial level applications. For example, he said, the technical capacity of small and medium financial institutions and even less can thus quickly build up a their 'Alipay' Come, and according to estimates, the ants make financial institutions to develop financial cloud financial applications cycle shortened from three months to two weeks.

More attention to risk control and internal employment security issues, Hu Xi pointed out that ants financial cloud is real-time attack and defense, offense and defense continued, security audit, with application firewall, security scanning, key management, application security more assured, the firewall can block live one hundred million daily machine malicious behavior.

At the same time, data security will not only through financial cloud encryption, content monitoring data to achieve, will enable real-time analysis of large data audit, while internally through strict access control and access to the audit, in order to allow the interior to minimize risk to prevent internal leakage data.

Homeopathy for: cloud has become the industry consensus on banking IT

'Bank on IT cloud has become the industry consensus, the use of cloud services platform to carry out financial core business will become a major trend in the banking sector, especially for small and medium banks, it is a need to seriously explore the issue.' The central bank [microblogging] Li Xiaofeng, director of the Institute of financial information that the bank peripheral channel class business cloud application can do first up.

Market participants generally believe that, IT system level has reached the level of banks in developed countries, such as the transfer of business of commercial banks, credit card business and other deductions have been achieved in real time. But with the advent of the Internet the Financial Times, China's banking IT systems exposed some problems, reflected in the banks' IT systems underlying lack of self-control hardware and software, data architecture, mostly centralized shared storage mechanism, banks repeat their IT design and construction.

And in the Internet cloud computing and big data financial impact of past banking technology system inevitably usher in change mode of self-self, with the help of specialized third-party services and development of information technology will be a new development model. Bank IT cloud the introduction of distributed computing architecture, into open Internet environment, has become the industry consensus.

Policy Support is also overweight the same period. In July 2015, the State Council issued << on actively promoting the 'Internet +' action guidance >> and noted that promoting Internet banking cloud service platform to support the banking, securities and insurance companies to implement secure systems architecture transformation, encouraged to explore the use of cloud services platform to carry out financial core business, based Public Service credit, certification, interfaces and other financial cloud service platform, encourage financial institutions to use technology to cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data, expand service coverage.

Li Xiaofeng expressed, 'The Internet + Finance' is the way a traditional bank line of the future will be on the cloud and control cloud computing and big data technology is the key to winning the future. 'Enterprise-class information node in the Internet age is not necessary to completely self self-built, low-level redundant construction of information technology. ant gold clouds, and third-party cloud service financial services model, marking the Internet era IT infrastructure of public services, third-party development, banking IT systems future IT systems will communicate with the Internet . '

The ants Kim Tong Ling is serving chief architect noted that the traditional financial institutions cloud is a gradual process, the new business in the cloud, remain in the traditional architecture in the business continues to weaken, 'is expected to 2025, all businesses will be expected to ' cloud '. ' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.