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Hina 9.461 billion yuan credit Jinzhou banks to disclose more details

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Jinzhou Bank Hina totaled 9.461 billion yuan loan balance, the transfer into the beneficiary Programme and Hina linked, Jinzhou banks to issue non-guaranteed financial products (A category debt instruments), Jinzhou banks to issue Guaranteed financial Net credit risk (no mortgage or a third-party hedge) 2.77 billion yuan exposure products (class B debt instruments) three. which was annexed. 'Since May 2015, the relevant listed company has been the SFC investigation, its shares trading was suspended, resulting in the Bank's collateral value of the shares do uncertain risk. '

Shenzhen reported trainee reporter Huang Jie

In April this year the pre-disclosure, and plans to launch in June listed Jinzhou bank, recently resubmitted the prospectus.

This upset the pace of city commercial market, is generating Hina film this year on May 20, Hina film generation in Hong Kong-listed shares tumbled 46.95%, to HK $ 144.3 billion market value evaporated.

Prior to this, Hina once equity pledge Jinzhou way to get credit support from banks.

Affected by HKEx requires Jinzhou banks to provide more information in the newly filed prospectus, the credit risk is also explained.

In addition, Bank of Jinzhou also be disclosed in the first half performance, with the surge in interbank assets and investments in receivables, net profit of the bank continues strong in the first half net profit growth of 58.2%.

9461000000 risk assets

April 1 this year to submit their applications, scheduled for June start Jinzhou Bank H-share listing process, due to the suspension of trading of shares and generating Hina film took a plunge.

Jinzhou Bank and Hina implicated in that: the single largest shareholder of Jinzhou Bank, the parent company of Yinchuan in Ningxia pagoda pagoda had to undertake Hina allotment in 2014 and early 2015, while it is reported by the media on the Hina Group, nearly 80 billion line of credit. Jinzhou bank Hina credit risk caused by market concern.

In the updated prospectus, Jinzhou banks to disclose the details of this. A total of 9.461 billion yuan loan balance, the divided and linked to beneficiary Hina transfer plan, Jinzhou banks to issue non-guaranteed financial products (A class of debt tools), Jinzhou banks to issue Guaranteed financial product (class B debt instruments) three of which credit risk Net (no collateral or third-party hedge) exposures with 2.77 billion yuan.

'Since May 2015, listed companies have been associated SFC [microblogging] investigation was suspended trading in its shares, resulting in the collateral value of the shares of the Bank made uncertain risk.' Bank of Jinzhou application in the update He said.

For processing progress, Jinzhou Bank, the bank entered into two asset transfer agreement to sell part of the relevant beneficiary to transfer plan to invest two domestic financial institutions, the outstanding balance of the total nominal value of 1.97 billion yuan, on the other hand, the bank also and Hina entered into an agreement in August for early repayment beneficiary transfer programs and class B debt instruments, the total amount of outstanding 2.594 billion yuan, of which 800 million yuan of net credit risk taken into account.

Through the agreement, as of October 7, the bank balance of the total investment related to the transfer plan beneficiary is reduced to 3.693 billion yuan, the balance shall be fully secured by a deposit Hina 3.7 billion in the bank, so credit risk is included in the net the amount, the bank assumed A, Class B debt instruments Credit risk was 1.2 billion yuan, respectively, 0, because there are third-party hedge, nor included in the credit risk exposure.

The bank believes that the Chinese can no provision for impairment related to credit losses, because the guarantee shares as collateral, the controlling shareholders of listed companies and the ultimate controlling shareholder of a listed company has to offer.

First half net profit by 58.2%

And Hina events simultaneously update the line in the first half as well as performance in the banking sector net profit growth fell to single digits normal background, Jinzhou Bank first half net profit growth rate of 58.2%.

The first half of 2015, Bank of Jinzhou 104.6 percent revenue growth to 4.68 billion yuan, of which net profit rose 58.2 percent to 1.44 billion yuan. Maintain reasons for the high growth rate, with a similar credit for Hina Group business model are highly correlated.

From the revenue division, the first half of the line for the public, retail, financial revenues accounted for 38.1%, respectively, 10.1% and 51.6%. Interbank business accounted for 51.6% of revenue, which accounted for more to achieve pre-tax profit 91.6%. a set of longitudinal comparative data is that the row 2013, 2014 respectively funds business accounted for 21.2% and 36.1%.

'This year, more and more use of the sale proceeds to invest in the transfer beneficiary plans to invest.' Jinzhou Bank said net profit growth in the interpretation of when. Beneficiary transfer plans to invest attributable to lower receivables for investment projects, this change and interbank consistent, because active capital market, and information management plan receivables head under, the trust shall become the new industry asset growth pole.

Jinzhou Bank said, such a surge in investment due to: increase funding available for investment and portfolio expansion, strengthening cooperation with the industry, the bank decided to invest in higher return assets.

In addition, the report of the rapid decline in capital adequacy ratio also reflects the bank's capital market needs urgent data show that as of June this year, Jinzhou banks' capital adequacy ratio, a capital adequacy ratio was 8.92%, 7.03%, respectively, were fell 1.53 percentage points compared with the beginning, 1.61 percentage points, approaching << commercial bank's capital management approach (Trial) >> in non-systemically important bank's capital adequacy ratio of the red line.

From the data, the bank first half of 1.53 billion yuan provision for impairment loss of assets, but only 110 million yuan last year, provisions rose more-than 12-fold. In addition to the factors of the economic downturn, the bank explained the provision of rapid growth specifically mentioned: receivables to non-standard assets investment scale of the investment direction of the rapid increase in non-performing loans with loan portfolio growth and increased overall.

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