Russia will invest 262 billion to develop the Arctic, accelerating bankruptcy or a go?

Updated: March 13, 2016  Views: 11

<< >> According to the Russian newspaper reported March 9 News:

[Span> Many people see this message, think Russia is not at all crazy present, Russia's economy has been declining in Europe and America and the blockade caused the collapse of the ruble, the budget deficit hit a red line in 2015, Russia's GDP growth? - 3.7%; the inflation rate was 13%; the per capita wage of 33,000 rubles (about 2800 yuan), less than the first time in the history of China in 2016, there will be 50% of the Russian citizens, or about 70 million people become poor. earlier expected to be 30%; in 2015, the figure is 15%, or about 21 million people in Russia are poverty standard monthly income of less than 9662 rubles (about 840 yuan) [/ span]..

Now that Russia has been so poor that China could not stand the point, why spend a huge amount of investment in the North Pole? On this issue, I believe that the need to look at two aspects.

[Span> First, and we are very familiar with many of the Russian military bases in the Arctic. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu earlier said publicly that in 2015 the Russian military in the Arctic before the end of the construction of nearly 440 military infrastructure plan 2016 re built nearly 400 facilities. This does not mean that Russia could exclusive Arctic delicious. another Arctic 'big players' are pitching in the United States, the US military is currently in the Arctic for a period of five weeks submarine exercises . the exercise once again become the focus of attention of the Arctic, Putin despite huge investment deficits Arctic, is also expected. [/ span]

[Span> Next we analyze the main reason for the Russian military in the Arctic to develop military competition is on the one hand, in addition to the differences and contradictions facing the Arctic are also attributable to the last month, Russia formally submitted an application to the revision of the United Nations, the Arctic proposed 1.2 million square kilometers of territory sound Faso, its Minister of Natural resources and ecology Department of the East Vanscoy said the team of experts is trying to collect evidence Eurasia extending north to the north Pole under the ice. even if Russia does not possess sovereignty over Arctic waters , oil exploration and other activities on the Arctic continental shelf will also be monitored by Moscow. Canada, Norway and Denmark also made sound Faso, where previous explorers and polar bears or just to visit the remote icy waters. [/ span]

[Span> In fact, the Russian Arctic strategic policy objectives, the first is for oil and gas offshore. Once considered useless to the Arctic, and now more and more integrated into the global economic processes them. And it is in the Arctic part of Russia accounted for nearly half of its oil and gas reserves (about 45% according to incomplete statistics in the proportion of the population is less than 1% of the Arctic, but it provides about 20% of GDP and more than 22% of total exports. when I analyze here, surely we have clear reasons for Russia at the huge investments in the Arctic. Arctic is not an end, oil exploration, exploitation of natural resources is the goal, war is always energy everlasting truth . [/ span]

Meanwhile, the US << >> Huffington Post, said: Putin can not decide who owns the Arctic for Russia's Arctic sound Faso, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said on Monday that the geographical boundaries of a country should be determined by cartographers and scientists. decision, not to the politicians, believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin about Russia's Arctic territorial claims will be proven wrong. according to some international analysts say, battle for the Arctic is the fate of Russia and the West, Russia and the West We have a game of chess under.

[Span> For Russia, the Arctic is critical. Both in respect of Russia's great power ambitions, but also in respect of tangible personal rights and interests, Russia is now the strategic position of the Arctic very seriously. Other countries in the region apparently will not budge, and military competition will further strengthen this fight danger and drama can be expected, this Arctic war will continue and will test the strength of the parties. I do not know we are already in dire straits in Russia, this time ability to achieve strategic victory. [/ span]

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