"Challenger alliance" all-star line-up for the Olympic Winter Games to cheer

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Alliance >> << challenger last week ushered in the Winter Olympics specials, Wallace [microblogging], Kris Wu, Li Chen [microblogging], Lin Update [microblogging], Roc [microblogging], Handian [microblogging] six challengers launched a fierce 'battle of the ice.' Winter Games sports program on a variety of projects with 'God Restore', the difficulty factor is very high. Although the project abuse people, but in order to secure the 'Winter Olympics volunteer who 'This award, six challengers firepower, fierce competition, a lot of praise in the harvest at the same time, program ratings continued to soar, CM50 city rating was 2.264, still on top of its time program ratings throne, the program has continued hot topic, as the 19th, 'Challenger alliance' topic reading as high as 1.81 billion, to discuss the degree of 2.706 million, has become the third quarter 'ratings dark horse.'

Lin update staged a perfect counterattack was closed Roc 'playing gentile Little Prince'

After the broadcast, Lin update and Mirs this new CP, love all the way to kill one, countless pink circle. This program started, Lin update on the bar on the Mirs, in answer session, Lin update again and again 'relent' Dapeng successfully disrupt its answer, though Dapeng was 'injured', but the audience look very happy, have said, 'it is really adorable on this cp ah!'

Let Roc 'injured' does not stop there, in this episode, he was always the first appearance challenge, but failed, to escape the 'playing gentile Little Prince,' the curse. In the 'bubble winter two item 'link, he played on the' foot slide ', almost fell in the shooting time and bullets flying, marksmanship' catch anxious ', a full shot with five bullets was shot in the first balloon, really let netizens distressed.

Although the CP, but the fate of a big difference, I'm updating it staged a 'perfect counter-attack.' In the 'mouth-blown ice hockey World Cup' link, he pioneered the 'mouth style defense' streak Handian, Wu Yifan, followed with a record long shot sec wins, 'big black one' in the 'bubble biathlon' session, he was in the case of not being optimistic about Dapeng, withstand pressure, have a hit in three netizens have 'road turn pink' and pointed out '' game black hole 'absolutely fake, 'the truth.

Wu Yifan now 'Fancy fall' ally Mutual super love

In the program, has been playing the game to do the task most serious Wu Yifan, this time also 'hurt' Debu light, in the 'mouth-blown ice hockey' session, he and Mirs against, always love Tricky Dapeng continue to spray the ball saliva, onlookers were allies mind, but still serious Wu Yifan mouth close to the ball, and even face to defend, 'while facing the saliva on ah! Wu Yifan serious point to praise!'

Wu Yifan not only have serious side, Moe spent more funny, and when he wants to embark on 'ice road' before, he also expressed confidence in the lower plate is very stable, but did not expect 'repeated station repeatedly fall, repeatedly fell repeatedly station' funny scene so users can address him by his 'Wu-year-old,' 'say yes very stable footwall it!'

This article is full of foam 'ice road' also pit the 'Big Black Bull' Li Chen, while other allies in the challenge, he also 'Morning Mom' upper body, a variety of pointing out, I did not expect, after his own play, first balloons will not hit, and then also a foot slipped, 'splits style' fall, 'This is about looking at the sore!' see netizens gasped air-conditioning.

This program is also the first time << >> challenger Union internal alliance PK play, although the conflicts, however, allies, but did not forget to help each other in the ultimate task, six more are in the snow and ice mutual support, facing tough big ball rolling forward, ultimately, to get within two minutes six people all through good results.

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