MMORPG "God bless" Today Open final test

Updated: September 17, 2015  Views: 34

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Sina game news on September 17 news, Neowiz Games's 18 gods ban MMORPG << >> (hanbok official website to download the client operating instructions in Korea today opened the final test, the test continues until September 25, which is the game in the fourth beta test last quarter before.

God bless >> << first announced in 2011, the game uses the Unreal Engine 3 development, the framework of a huge world, and has a seamless map and large-scale confrontation play. Swim in the 2014 Game + announce the new conference The agent for, has not yet announced the testing schedule.

God bless << >> Hanbok Open final test

God bless << >> Hanbok usher in the final survey, 17 September to open service time for the local 8:00 to 23:00, September 18 to September 25 every day for the local open service time 1:00 to 11 at night When the main purpose of this test is to test server stability and satisfaction of the players how new content. (final test version details >>>

God bless << >> Hanbok Open final test

The new version of the game the highest level of 45, including the opening of two new career assassin and mage, pinched face system, locking / non-targeted options, acquisition and production systems, new maps and a copy of the order between the two opposing camps and camps internal dispute as the core content of RXR (Realm X Realm system. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.