King vigorously: Beijing this year to deploy special operations "small fry"

Updated: March 13, 2016  Views: 7

Original title: King vigorously: Beijing this year to deploy special operations 'small fry'

Beijing News News (Reporter Guo Chao) this year's government work report made focus on addressing the problem of corruption around the masses, the NPC, the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate King vigorously said that this year Beijing will implement the central spirit, focus on solving the people around corruption problem, deploy a unified investigating minor official corruption special action.

King strongly that the problem of corruption is no big or small, as long as it is necessary to fight against illegal 'fly' Where we hit where.

He explained, 'small fry' is not a legal concept, but with respect to some of the major cases occurred in the masses around the interests of the masses and gave damage cases. During the year, carry out special operations, welcomed by the masses 12309 report, while the media are also welcome to provide clues.

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