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Bananas have a lot of benefits to the human body, can improve constipation, relieve emotional, but also for weight loss, it is prone to eat bananas satiety, which is of great help to lose weight. From a nutritional point of speaking, bananas rich in nutrients and vitamins, increase body resistance with very good results. Speaking of that banana peel it? I believe we do not believe the same banana skin boils water on the human body have a good effect.

First, the banana vinegar diet

1: banana, peeled, cut into sheets, a thickness of about 2cm.

2: cut bananas into dedicated microwave seal the bottle, then add brown sugar, pour 200ml fruit vinegar, a little jolt.

3: in the microwave, heating intensity 30-40 seconds to allow the brown sugar to melt.

4: After removing, and let cool at room temperature is complete, the next day you can eat them!

  1. Production points:

    1, the use of white sugar, honey, sugar can be, but brown sugar contained in minerals, organic matter most. Although banana fruit vinegar with the most suitable, but can also be replaced with vinegar, old vinegar.

    2, using a microwave oven to speed up brown sugar dissolved in favor of brown sugar in vinegar dissolved nutrients faster.

    3, banana vinegar can be stored at room temperature for 1 year, if the temperature is high, it is best put into the refrigerator.

  2. [Span> 4 large drinking law banana vinegar: [/ span]

    1, 3 tablespoons daily consumption. You can assign in morning, afternoon and evening 1 tablespoon unsalted way to eat bananas.

    2, it can be drunk directly or diluted with cold water, drink before meals, but bad stomach crush Recommended after 10 minutes and then drink.

    3, according to the banana vinegar and water at a ratio of 110 to reconcile, put the thermos, but when drinking water during exercise, light sour, similar to sports drinks taste, can add minerals, sugars, amino acids, to help quickly restore physical strength.

    4, banana vinegar in addition to direct consumption, may also be added to foods such as milk, soy milk, vegetable juice, vegetable stew moderate, delicious and nutritious food to make play synergistic effect.

Banana peel: break down fat

Banana peel is actually edible, and the best weight-loss effect of green banana skin, which is rich in positive and serum hormone adrenaline, both of which inhibit the absorption of starch, break down fat and promote metabolism.

DIY weight loss recipes: green banana peel juice

Spoon the inner part of a green banana skin scraped, scraped the flesh into a blender, add about 250 ml of water whipped into a juice, as drinking water, drank 100 ml can.

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