Oculus strengthen social elements so I added fat to make friends Pa

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Recently, Oculus official announcement will add more elements Oculus VR platform, such as the user can log onto their Facebook account Oculus Video applications will watch 360 video synchronized with Facebook, the new Social Trivia application, allowing users to you can invite friends to play a guessing game. the most important is that people can be created on the Samsung Gear VR Oculus application account and add friends, so IN2 to add Oculus founder Palmer Luckey make friends.

Oculus account can add friends!

In fact, a few days ago IN2 to receive the upgrade notification Oculus application, since VPN is not to force, until yesterday IN2 to complete the upgrade. Oculus application upgraded just opened, is a presentation Oculus account page, guide the user to complete the Oculus account settings.

First, of course, is the head, do not like to expose the true face of the students, you can also choose a variety of cartoon picture Oculus design, IN2 is less hesitation almost directly elected cute hedgehog Henry Story Studio's! But IN2 columnist Dan has said that weird alien beside cool! Are you kidding!

Various privacy settings readily available, the user can choose to use their real name or account name, but can also be set whether to allow the search to use their names and so on. Why should such a detailed provision? Because on account You can add friends ah! IN2 almost did not how to think, the first direct search is personal - Pa fat Palmer Luckey, and found that the goods actually used or Times who had been playing with a bad image to the tips, currently we do not have any named audit. , it's entirely possible that an imposter .IN2 later found a large and Brendan God Carmack, but maybe are not, or they opened the shield real name search.

In addition, with the accounting system after, Oculus also opened the way applications Comments, now all users can apply to Oculus platforms scoring and write a review. Function just opened, users are very excited, IN2 to see Taiwan students in the top with Traditional call local enthusiasts.

Open Oculus and Facebook!

Previously Oculus Video applications already can watch Facebook videos related to 360, now face further open up the book and Oculus docking platform shortly after the user can log onto their Facebook account in Oculus Video in, and you can watch yourself in Oculus platform when Facebook users concerned uploaded 360 videos on the account, but try a bit today IN2 video option, you can not log Facebook account future, users have the opportunity to watch a video in Facebook 360 Oculus video, you can leave a message and the synchronization point Like to face book account.

This year's MWC conference, Facebook's Zuckerberg Samsung site, once again proves the determination of the VR face book layouts, when Facebook said we should be able to Xiaozha 360 Gear VR video technology platform to go up, now Xiaozha the desire has been achieved in half.

+ Social game is to attract users king

The system updates, Oculus also brought an upgraded version of social applications Social Beta version. The new version of the application added a new Social Game features --Social Trivia, users can play guessing games with friends in a virtual room. Before the Alpha version, users can invite friends in the virtual space and Twitch watching Vimeo video, but apparently guessing game will be more interesting, because you can score over each other.

IN2 attempt to enter a room and several foreign buddies to play Trivia, the results of most of the issues which are on the European and American culture and history, IN2 only result in a mask, next to a buddy kept saying: too simple ! The chatter of goods not only love that, love is also, had a few honest people sitting on a chair, the results of this clown head the goods kept flying in space, then I realized that if you use the controller, is you can move of their own cartoon avatar!

If you think a few people sitting in the room too guessing your mother, and there are even more exciting game Herobound:. Gladiators now also offers multiplayer mode, you can invite your friends to form a team of 4 people together pain flat little monsters in the game you can apply the same as Social between players by voice to organize attacks. Since IN2 do not have a handle, so we did not test the game. However, this game is currently available for free download, Gear VR users not to miss.

IN2 have reported previously, Cardboard application downloads Google soared, but the user still low Nikkatsu poor can be said that how to make the hands VR device users log in every day to play VR platform is a big problem from the solution Oculus method, the two never hit games and social elements have been identified in the early solution Oculus platform.

In fact, Oculus platform has Altspacec, vTime specializing in social and other applications for social Oculus obviously not this fat did not want to give up, at least godfather Facebook will not allow that to happen. Although the official Social application is still relatively immature but we have seen the prototype of future games and social platforms.

Prior to Connect conference exposure Oculus Home system, perhaps in a few days after the General Assembly GDC exposure, while exposure may also experience a variety of games Oculus Rift multiplayer mode. When the VR device has not been popular in the existing users 'online' and 'networking' two attributes are all VR platforms must overcome the problem. for now, Oculus test the effect of water in the Gear VR platform is also good.

PS, the Oculus of applications and platforms interface is also improved a lot, especially the return to Oculus Home interface, and finally a little good-looking.

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