3D printing: Can people from the last point

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Xinhua News Agency Shanghai March 13 Reuters title: 3D Printing: Can ordinary people from the last point

Xinhua News Agency reporter Pan Qing

Born in the last century 3D printing technology the mid-1990s, has been more and more widely used in construction, medical, industrial design and other areas. But for only learn from news reports, or in the exhibition to experience 3D printing most of the people concerned, the magic of technology seems a little far away.

Recently held in Shanghai 'Asian 3D printing, increasing material manufacturing Exhibition', brought together 110 exhibitors at home and abroad, Blantyre era, Shining 3D, HP, EOS and other famous enterprises have to bring their latest products and technologies unveiled.

In the professional buyers stop to all kinds of large-scale industrial 3D printing devices at the same time, many ordinary viewers prefer a variety of low-end 3D printing device.

Hangzhou Shining booth D Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Liao teachers from a high school for a price of 6500 yuan desktop 3D printer interested in. He said the school plans to open with the theme of interest in 3D printing course, want to make the children have a close look at the broad prospect of new technologies.

In fact, 'the people from the last point' is also a lot of 3D printing industry enterprise voice.

Shining 3D Marketing Manager Wang Hongmei told reporters, as the first in three new board listed 3D digitizing and 3D printing business, the company in providing integrated solutions for large corporate clients, but also set his sights on the general consumer groups, construct '3D off' and '3D made' two internet cloud platform. with two platforms, customers can download thousands of 3D data, or submit creative services provided by the designer to be online orders.

'3D printing industry has great potential, and the biggest bottleneck is to raise social awareness of the company to create a line of open systems, it is hoped that the 3D printing market cultivation C end consumer.' Wang Hongmei said.

In the industry view, 'into the campus' undoubtedly make 3D printing 'approached' the best way to ordinary people. This reporter has learned, there are many 3D printing-related enterprises to cooperate with schools, interest groups by the founder or creator passenger camp creative game, etc., to popularize 3D printing technology. Shining 3D also with the universities, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, South China University of technology set up in collaboration with the 3D digital 3D printing technology laboratory.

3D printing expansion prospects in the field of education, but also attracted more 3D printing industry business concerns. It is reported that this year will be held July 8 to 10, 'the Fourth Shanghai International Exhibition and 3D printing zhizao Forum' , chose '3D printing and health care and education' as the theme.

Show organizers, vice president Yang Jing Hong Kong Paper Communication Exhibition Group recently held in Shanghai, '3D large coffee Gathering', said, 3D printing technology in the field of education is becoming more extensive and deep cooperation with educational institutions is also expected to 3D printing industry nurture more talents.

Many industry insiders also called, the education sector should be related to the popularity of 3D printing and application of knowledge into school education, and working on standardized materials and training standards, starting from the students, let the people from this new technology closer. (End

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