"Distressed AlphaGo", the original so easy for humans to produce emotion robot?

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Go even if you do not understand, do not know artificial intelligence, these days are not open around should be concerned about this will be the next Google Go AI AlphaGo (cut or love it 'The Afar dog.'

A method dogs will throw in the towel yet?

AlphaGo suddenly become fools.

But AlphaGo tactics have come to cheer.

From on-air to hear these words can be felt, if not known beforehand AlphaGo artificial intelligence, it is easy to listen to people who may think that they are talking about individuals rather than machines. Robot gives feelings difficult to give even a lot of people think this is a false proposition, but people on the robots have feelings seem to be very easy to see, now there are a lot of people in 'distressed dog (AlphaGo up.'

If you think of an example AlphaGo not intuitive, we can also look at student at Stanford University Design Institute to do an experiment (hot stick is a bit stiff awkward?:

The researchers a trash can with a camera on the robot's restaurant in the downtown area and its people in order to observe interactions when taking out the trash when someone wants to see, the researchers will control the robot trash can 'walk' to want to throw the man in front of garbage (object to be measured is uninformed, they think that they will move the trash robot.

The researchers found that the restaurant was not long before people have to throw garbage will subconsciously 'call' trash robot. There are children tease the dog with a bone like that, holding junk 'lure' to play it. There are people watching after the robot to turn rubbish barrel it will take the initiative to help them even ask it:. '? Are you OK'

Although it is a little sneaky little experiment, but you can find people of compassion and emotion it is very easy to give a robot. It is not hard to understand why humans have a film and television works without feelings of devotion.

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