Derivative are talking about how explosive powder, not knowing deleted powder is also very important that you have certainly

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I do believe Derivative all know that contacts are very important to each team, media people, marketing people, promoters, vendors, platforms, etc., explosive powder, teaching how to join, how explosive powder, not knowing when you add a so many people, how much is to bring you value? How much is the value you give him? How many have been hibernating is worthless, and so on .............

Over the past two years has been the pursuit derivative burst powder, plus me today how many, how many tomorrow I added, in fact appearance, I say this not to say that the addition of plus or passive people, but you add to the people there is no significance.

Many people have been saying I micro-channel full of people, plus does not come, if I delete the following method people talk about you go back and look at how many people will be left? Say that the method is actually very simple, I learned from the self a man full of 5049 micro signal from the operation last December to remove people now know how many people left it? 2903 people, of course, I have free time to do this thing, and only a small amount of time, so it for so long a time, if you have time to breath three days how also completed (ha ha, during which there are few people add me, I did not have a lot to do with the number of drainage, but also to people in the end be able to experiment a bit 5049 left many people. Some people say there are not people delete software? soon, people delete software is very fast, you can find out deleted, but did not delete your small log can not be deleted when it comes to here you should know, right?

So do not look your WeChat friends at full strength, in fact, how much can really exist, only you can know cleaned up. There are a lot of people say that I do not sell things Derivative how, unable to recruit agents, other factors that I do not say, is certainly there. like last year, crowdfunding, affirmed today derivative can be used on a lot of live video is very good, there are many, today said only that micro-channel friend, you WeChat although staff numbers in there often it is not a real number, only the number of people waiting for you to finish the rest of the following things is true that the number you guarding a virtual friend in the digital publishing circle of friends, there is no one to ah, how to sell out of things, so it does add flour and cleared derivative powder is equally important, not much else to say, I made a few pictures you will know how to operate, very simple, but very time-consuming effort. people always seek the easy way, sometimes things are saved, efficiency is useless to get out, sometimes people still do not lazy people for the operation, be sure not to use smart, because he realized way.

Let's see, you have this in your friends?

Updated October circle of friends, people where to run?

November Update circle of friends

February 2015 --- February 2016 5 circle of friends, you want to challenge this year is a circle of friends who happened to update it? (Laughter

This is (Oh May - August a total of five, die, which in the end what's up?

Well maybe together, four months through to the alien, I do not update, but no signal ah, this is not to hurry back to Earth update it? (Ha ha ha ha ha

This does not exist, a year on, you love Za Za.

This most irritating, you deleted, you can still see him 10 information circle of friends, always thought that no man can see the album themselves deleted, this time you are wrong, you see the following turn down words that you deleted, hidden deep ah.

Are simple examples, as you have no use for, you want to see these deleted, but also their own measure, I certainly do not keep anyway, this time with a lot of friends to know why, it sold well, go back quickly look, in the end is not really a micro-channel digital display of so many friends, not caught in it. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.