Huawei and millet are expected to surpass Apple, if the phone line sales of major success

Updated: March 13, 2016  Views: 3

Recent moves under the impact of the domestic mobile phone line channels, more and more Huawei has actively implemented, millet first joint Suning sale of new products, millet home more and more. Before VIVO and OPPO has been focusing on the line, although impressive sales, but there is not a small product defects is low with many users believe that high. with this product under Huawei and millet short board with less force business lines, real competition has just begun. If Huawei has made significant and millet offline breakthrough is likely to go beyond Apple, occupy most of the market share in China, Apple will no longer myth.

From online to offline, you can reach more users

Not everyone access to information from the Internet, even if the Internet as an important way to get information, there is a problem hobbies. Follow digital technology for the neighborhood, and often look microblogging headlines inside information, millet heat premier , but there does not concern most users, advocated for millet fever, black technology, bunkers may not be concerned, they just feel good to buy a mobile phone, see reviews, comments, study more parameters is not necessary. Thus users very much, or else VIVO and OPPO will not be so big sales.

From online to offline, it is very helpful to enhance the brand

Why Apple opened its stores in the upscale business district, where lots of good can be said, on the site where the Apple store. Apple Guide is not simply a shop, a huge renovation, high rents, the clerk hit the chicken blood the same enthusiasm, this is by switching brands. the phone itself has a somewhat similar fashion features, and clothing industry, high-end brands tend to bring good sales, mainstream mobile phones are currently more expensive but also a million and for a lot of people still buy from the more recently opened millet house majority is in the business district, Huawei's experience store is no longer a minority, and Apple is similar routines, and actively promote the brand.

From online to offline to help mobile phone manufacturers to provide products closer to the user

MIUI millet to start, to get the user needs through customized system, improve the product. Millet online user feedback very seriously, millet community is the main place for rice feedback problem. Millet products just to meet the needs of these customers. Get through the network Although user feedback fast but not directly. If the next line outlets widely enough, large consumers can contact distance, these data are very valuable for mobile phone manufacturers, for product development has an important guiding role in helping manufacturers to do everyone says a good product.

The line is mobile phone manufacturers must pay attention to the area, but issued a line of force will bring some concerns.

From online to offline, is product quality test

Buy online product problems, replacement or refund then Tucao about would be finished. If you buy products online at a problem can not so simple in the physical store to buy the quality of the products, often directly to this main and the process of negotiations will go far beyond the product itself, it is difficult to predict what will happen once the impact of exposure to the network will bring even greater. If you want to do a physical store, product quality is a top priority.

From online to offline, it is a test of the operation of enterprises

The more touches the line, the more involved aspects. Even the cooperative relationship is also cumbersome. Electricity supplier currently more concerned about flexible production, quick adjustment, but difficult to implement these online, not to mention such a need for mass production mobile phone merchandise, inventory is very difficult to solve the problem. If the direct participation to the next line sales, which means opening more branches, of which management is more complex from online to offline, the overall management of the enterprise is serious test.

The line is double-edged sword, play good beyond Apple is no longer a dream, a bad play or face no small crisis. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.