Weekend is now a major positive broader market Monday soared candle

Updated: March 12, 2016  Views: 9

Shanghai index this week, a small Yin fell below the 5-week moving average five index points, trading volume declined significantly, to observe the recent trend sideways for seven weeks. Weekly technical indicators MACD Sicha run low already eight weeks, in time has meet and variable requirements, and for two weeks in the green column shortening into, KDJ Sicha run or below 20, showed signs of bonding, bottom clear next week, five weeks moving average was flat 10-week moving average down quickly again this week blocked with 120 weeks moving average pressure combining day moving average, although the index has Powei signs, but the volume declined significantly, with the weak among the strong and long-day moving average was arranged among the greatest good in next week's daily average of only 175 billion and then technical analysis based on the anti-broken 5 5: Yang received again next week, and is likely to stand in one fell swoop on 5--10--120 week moving average.

GEM is even more interesting, to close out the week with the average amount of a yin-yang doji Yinxian combinations and front, the mother gave birth to close out a line, just this week, also received 120-week moving average, showing strong and variable signal. See the average 5-week moving average was flat walk and 10-week moving average in the fast down, low technical indicators MACD Sicha run has reached nine weeks, KDJ Sicha also all run under 20, and J values actually only 1.5 overbought condition, see Bollinger has three parallel lines among combining daily analysis, the lower bottom support line is valid and has been shown to lower volume levels again, next week's daily average of just 640 . So that the one hundred million: this week's mother gave birth to line combinations, indicating the disc change next week as long as one week, opening to go, be sure to complete but if it is judged at the bottom opened low, and that the situation will be just the opposite...

The case of the index operation this week, the GEM has already begun and the Shanghai Composite Index synchronized light of this phenomenon, it is gratifying, indicating selling GEM has been depleted to the extent, and fell again this week, significantly shrinking the amount of energy level of land supply, change disk around the corner, low and variable, mostly upward change disk.

The Shanghai index is still in the basic safety among the need to observe the GEM index is not able to recover the 5-week moving average, or quickly recover 20 days moving average 5-week moving average at 2032 points next week or 20-day moving average at 2050 points next week or so .100 point distance, look forward to it

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