Wang Jing: When welfare becomes a habit

Updated: March 12, 2016  Views: 3

Xiao Bian civilized language habits once a long time, will become a part of life for Wang Jing, the use of a love to help others, has become a habit. Jing is an ordinary highway toll station supervisor north of Anyang, day nearly 12 hours of classes, alternating day and night, even four days holiday for two days. many colleagues used these days more sleep or shopping, Wang Jing but use it to do public good.

No matter how busy have to do public service work

CCTV in 2004 in a show, make life difficult mountain children Jing cry splinters. Then she tried to help others, from SMS donations to care packages, to send remittances to poor children, but single-handedly after all, thin, and later she joined the coalition of public interest, save the solitary crackdown Union, angel mom emergency center, volunteer Association and other public organizations, orphanages, nursing homes, special schools to become her most places.

Thirty-year-old Wang Jing, both young children, as well as elderly mother, but in her opinion, more so festive, orphanage children and elderly nursing home where more loneliness, more social needs care. on another occasion, the first day of summer school, according to the agreement, she went to the village to send their children unclaimed scholarships and school supplies that day the rain poured down, the water swept over her knee block in the village. Wang Jing not think, decided in the water one foot deep shallow kick groping forward. when the students arrived at the home, has been covered with wet ......

Public pace, stride once, you can not stop. In 2012, Wang Jing took part in the 'commemoration of the International Red Cross · hematopoietic stem cells and organ donation' campaign, the event, she decided to personally signed << >> hematopoietic stem cell donation agreement and organ donation agreement >> << personal undertaking. now, she perennial carry two cards, it is to be able to practice their commitment for the first time ......

Wang Jing manners, affecting people around in her unit, now has four people to participate in the annual public welfare.

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