March 12 Shanxi Yuncheng 4.4 earthquake occurred yanhuqu

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China Earthquake Networks officially measured: at 11:14 on March 12, 2016, Shanxi Yuncheng yanhuqu (35.00 degrees north latitude, 110.90 degrees east longitude occurred 4.4 earthquake, the focal depth of 5 km.

10 Notice of an earthquake

Below a hiding sturdy furniture such as a table

Big sloshing about 1 minute or so. First of all, in the lower center of gravity and avoid strong solid under the table, table legs and a firm hold in the absence of hiding occasions such as a desk for, in any case, but also with cushion and other things to protect the head.

Second, when you shake off the heat immediately, as soon as the fire extinguishing

When a major earthquake, there will not rely on the fire engine fire situation. Therefore, each of us off the fire, the fire-fighting effort, is the ability to control an important factor in earthquake disaster minimal.

Earthquake, there is the opportunity to fire off three times

When the first big chance before the advent of small shaking shaking of: at the moment the perception of small shake instantly greeted each other: '! Fast earthquake off the fire!', Is being used to close heaters, gas heaters.

Second chance in the big sloshing stopped when: In a major shake when to turn off the heat, on the gas stove, stove top kettle fall down, it is very dangerous to go after the big sloshing stopped off the fire. .

3rd chance after the fire: the case even in the event of fire, within 1-2 minutes, or to be able to quickly extinguish the fire, please fire extinguishers, fire buckets were often placed in places away from the fire closer to a place.

Third, do not panic ran to the outdoors

After the earthquake, panic and run out, broken glass, tile roof, billboards fall bash in the body, it is very dangerous. In addition, precast concrete wall, and vending machines are also in danger of collapse Do not close these objects.

Fourth, open the door, to ensure that exports

Housing reinforced concrete structure, etc., due to the earthquake shaking can cause dislocation doors, open the door, someone in the house is closed instances occur. Please open the door to secure an exit.

Five outdoor occasions, to protect the head, to avoid the danger of

In the bustling street, floor area, the most dangerous is the windows, billboards and other objects falling down injured man is to be noted by hand or purse and other things to protect the head. When floor area, depending on the circumstances, entering the building the escape relatively safe.

Sixth, in department stores, theaters, acting on the instructions of the staff

In department stores, underground street people and more places, the most frightening thing is chaos. Please follow the instructions store personnel, security personnel to act.

Seven, car parking on the roadside, with the control area is prohibited

A major earthquake, the car will be like a deflated tire-like, unable to grasp the steering wheel, it is difficult to drive. Must pay full attention to avoid the intersection the car stop by the roadside. In order not to hinder the evacuation and the evacuation passage of emergency vehicles , to make a road in the middle section.

Eight, be sure to pay attention to landslides, falling rocks or cliff tsunami

In the hillside, a steep tilt lots, landslides have occurred, dangerous cliff rockfall, should quickly to a safe place of refuge.

Nine, when refuge on foot, carrying the items should be a minimum limit

Evacuation method, in principle, to the public disaster prevention organizations, neighborhoods, and other units, to take refuge on foot in the way police and other responsible persons and the leadership should at least carry items limit. Absolutely can not use cars, bicycles asylum.

Ten, do not listen to rumors, do not act rashly

In the event of a major earthquake, people psychologically prone to shake. To avoid confusion, each person on the basis of correct information, to act calmly, very important. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.