Lady genuine mistake Tyrant gold coins when Mingbi, daughter complete collapse

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Happened relatively suddenly, the idea is also more.

Granny Zhang seventy this year, the body pretty tough, their family genes, and no genetic history, good eating habits, most of longevity. This is not Granny Zhang father ninety-four, just passed away a few days.

This day is the father of the first seven (the first seven after death is an algorithm from the date of the death of the seventh day, the seventh day is the number of backward

First seven, and now most people do not pay attention to the how, but Granny Zhang insisted on going to send some money to the old dad, in his view, Torre

Did not live to enjoy life, to give him more money to burn, the underworld will enjoy life. Just, father of the cemetery not far from Granny Zhang family, not

Two miles.

The day before, Granny Zhang let paper money to buy her daughter when the daughter Mingbi buy, think of home, no cash, and less than one from the New Year

Months, the family can not live without cash, then simply take the money. Mingbi buying, she went to the town bank, listen to people say one hundred dollars

Banknotes replaced by 'Tyrant gold', and he has not seen, just like the bank staff change 5,000 dollars in new credits, but the clothes pocket

No place is too small with the money, they had to put the money to install the device Mingbi black plastic bag and took them out to prepare a home.

After returning home, so she did not take the money out of her Mayu (mahjong old partner took her away, saying: San Queyi,

Waiting for you for quite a while. '

After the finish, DaErXi home cooking was found on the table money was gone, the old lady is not at home. DaErXi quickly went to the cemetery to find, Granny Zhang

N back from the cemetery. The old lady had mistaken the time, one day in advance to the grave burning paper. DaErXi hurriedly asked you the money ran out. Granny Zhang's answer

People can not smile: 'Take passed, can not burn, or your grandfather think I could not bear it.' DaErXi said: 'There I got five thousand

Which new money! 'Granny Zhang a, wringing immediately: burning, when I still think this fake money made with really like ... ...'

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