Chengshang announcement on the continuation of the securities investment business

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Securities Code: 600828 Securities referred to: Chengshangjituan ID: Provisional No. 2016-29

Chengshangjituan Ltd.

Notice of the continuation of the securities investment business

The Board of Directors and the Directors to ensure that this announcement does not contain any false, misleading statements or material omissions, and severally and jointly accept responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the contents.

The Board of Directors authorized the management to carry out securities investment business period 2016 3

Due May 31, in order to improve capital efficiency, March 4, 2016, the shares Chengshangjituan

Ltd. held (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') the seventh to the 58th Meeting of the Board reviewed and approved the Proposal on continuation << securities investment business related >> now announced as follows:

First, the purpose and manner

Investment Objective: To improve the efficiency in the use of company funds, capital investment and industrial investment combined use of the capital markets financed business management, the company will be part of its own funds for investment in securities, to create greater value for the company.

Investment: The company use its own funds, the use of separate own account, other domestic and overseas stock investment investment, securities investment funds and other securities and derivatives as well as Shanghai Stock Exchange identified.

Second, the funds to be invested and the period

Within 12 consecutive months, the company intends to use no more than 300 million yuan of its own funds for investment securities, within the scope of this amount, investment securities for capital can be recycled. Can be obtained from the investment income reinvested, then amount of the investment is not included in this amount of investment expected within range.

Third, the impact of this source of funds and securities investment funds is limited to matters using Company and its subsidiaries own idle funds, that in addition to raising funds, bank credit funds of its own funds and funds managed by the company's accounting, the the use of funds will not cause the company's financial pressure, nor will the company's normal operations, impact investment behavior.

Fourth, risks and control measures have certain investment securities market risk and investment risk. The company will strictly follow the << Shanghai Stock Exchange Listing Rules >> requirements of securities investment operations. The company developed a << foreign investment management approach >> , aspects of portfolio investment approval authority, organization, decision-making and management, financial management and audit and other provisions are made, will help the company to prevent securities investment risk, ensure the safe and effective value of securities investment funds. At the same time, the company will be ready with into the changing market environment, strengthen research and market analysis, timely adjust the investment strategy and scale, strict avoidance of risk.

Five independent directors

Independent directors of the Company in a serious and responsible attitude, based on independent, objective judgment stand, independent opinions on the company to carry out securities investment business are as follows:

1, the company in ensuring the normal production and business activities and investment needs of the premise, the use of unit

Points of its own funds for investment in securities, will help improve the company's capital efficiency, and enhance the use of the capital market company's overall performance level.

2, the company has developed management approach >> << foreign investment, establish and improve business processes, review

Grant permission, oversight mechanisms and risk control measures.

In summary, the independent directors of the Company believes that the company conduct securities investment business and there is no damage to the interests of all shareholders of the Company, agreed to carry out these operations.

Sixth, Seventh Board consideration of this matter has investment securities March 4, 2016 meeting of the Fifth

Eighth meeting examined and approved, and authorized management to implement specific business operational issues of these projects, no need to submit company shareholders' meeting.

VII reference file directory

1, the seventh board of directors signed by the participating directors 58th meeting was confirmed,

2, signed and confirmed by the independent directors of independent directors.

Special announcement.

Chengshangjituan Ltd.

Board of Directors

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