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With the development of the game industry, sandbox (Sandbox) the word more and more in our field of vision, and became a major video game type sandbox game features is to give players the freedom to explore options own adventure line, or role, do what you want to do, instead of being a main line traction until clearance upgrade, just as the same sandbox drill, each player during the game experience is different, and every repeat once also have access to a new online game fun is the sandbox charm. today, Xiao Bian gave you fine sandbox games, with a look and see below.

<< >> Spores

<< >> Spore by Maxis developed a variety of game types integrated computer games. Games require players from single-celled organisms billions of years ago and gradually move forward, over time evolve into multicellular organisms, then further development of brain function, and finally produce a biological cluster, establish civilized, and even shape the world, while other players to explore the universe creatures. the growth process is like << >> Empire style series of games like that, from the primitive society, gradually now evolved to the development of civilization. in addition to analog component, but the game also has important strategic elements and simple editor, players can control where the biological development of civilization, if you like war, the use of brute force can conquer other planets.

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Traditional Chinese: 自由組裝式沙盒遊戲盤點