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Yu Sheng law: network operators of small micro-enterprise lending bank has about 3 billion

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 42

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Huang Qian Wei) Recently, the ant gold clothing group sharing session, network operators Yu Sheng Bank Act revealed that network operators APP banks have on the line, but now still doing closed beta, has been the first users an invitation to its sources, as of now, online banking has 180,000 small and micro businesses loans of about 30 billion, before the end of the service to 500,000 small and micro enterprises. Yu Sheng notation, network operators rely on banks in the future will not absorb Deposit credit funds to solve the problem, on the one hand relying on its own funds, on the other hand will seek cooperation with industry.

In fact, since the 'Internet pusher' program since it was launched, Ali's ant gold clothes began to look from 'C end' of demand for financial services, financial institutions extended to the underlying service. Recently, ants gold dress at the annual share, today announced the launch specifically for cloud computing services in the financial sector - ant financial cloud, officially open cloud computing capabilities and technology components accumulated over the years.

Well Yin Dong ants gold clothes Group President, said the move allows financial institutions to get rid of the traditional IT infrastructure, but also to adapt to the Internet quickly build up financial needs of financial applications. In the last month, ants gold dress clearly stated, 'Internet pusher' program and that he hopes that within five years 1000 to help financial institutions to the new financial upgrade.

At the meeting, the well Yin Dong said that clothes do not consider ant gold-market, nor any timetable.

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