4.0 does not crash, they must too short

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Friday market day in a small space run shock, plate differentiation serious, the Shanghai Composite Index heavyweight support to the broader market rose 14 points, red plate, while the GEM as the representative of small and medium-invasive fell sharply, once nearly 6 percent, closing down 100 points. the Shanghai Composite index also die out very bizarre death electrocardiogram, but this trend is holding stability funds to meet two of red plate and made out of political face, technically did not have much analytical value.

Now the market is still bearish overall, many people are intimidated by the market, the Chinese stock market has plunged more than normal ability to accept people, from the second half of last year to once every ten days of a thousand heavy blow to the lower limit of the fact that the investment market persons. in fact, the market fell and the building is our own system can not avoid, not the Chinese people like to speculate, but the first with a speculative market will form a speculative preferences. a lot of things not because of a lack of control and extreme, it is the because too many extreme control.

Many policy stuff is not effective as a long-term norms to maintain long-term stability of the market, but in the name of reform flip-flop from the market caused by the constant turmoil, such as:

IPO mechanism, changed and changed, each time will change once the market volatility,

2015 CBBC is also because of the financing policy changes caused by the hair and Sharp

Chinese-style fuse only live for four days,


Such human factors too much, such as the adjustment of the GEM is also because the management of the registration system of vague statements, the IPO amount to arbitrariness and to bring extreme market panic.

Now the broader market fell, although sometimes seemingly ferocious disk, in fact, does not exist in terms of the pattern of systemic risk, especially in the points below 2700, even if not a short-term bottom, but look at A-share market is also a market where relatively prices central location, so investors should not be too short.

1, European stock markets have exceeded the high point before the Spring Festival, the formation of an effective W at the end, including Hong Kong's Hang Seng index also sync up, A shares fell logic alone is not strong.

2, Shanghai shares in the last ten days through the inflow situation presented, indicating bargain-hunting fund quietly approach.

3, Japan from negative rates, zero interest rates in Europe, under the background of global drain, Chinese money supply is rising, the central bank in January, investment reached 2.5 trillion, down again this week, quasi quasi, capital of the allowance is the stock market's water, now it is not lack of funds but the lack of off-confidence.

4, from the perspective of industrial capital, in 2016, the fall in prices of industrial capital holding amounted to a net increase of 4.2 billion.

5, on Friday fell during the move so that although they are in the care funding stability maintenance market, but the money to play real money play.

6, the market position in the year 6124 is now down more than two years 2009-2011 shock platform is basically a reasonable range.

Therefore, the market there is no systemic risk, nor the presence of 4.0 may crash, that is up to the low volatility, so investors should not be too short.

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