Shandong gold standard: the dollar continues to rally silver prices concussion

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Fundamental news:

(A Chinese National Bureau of Statistics data released Monday show that China's third-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 6.9%, although the highest to the lowest growth rate in 2009, but higher than market expectations of 6.8%.

Fund positions: the world's largest silver ETF - iShares Silver Trust silver positions as of October 19 to 9802.33 tons.

Fundamental analysis: The European Central Bank [microblogging] will announce interest rate decision on Thursday in Malta, according to foreign meteorological data website shows Malta two days local forecast Wednesday and Thursday there is stormy weather, which makes the market already worried about the European Central Bank may evolve unexpected big investors move to add some panic psychological implications due to slowing international trade and the global market turmoil, the euro zone's economic recovery hit by the end of this year, the European central bankers are likely to indicate there is no alternative law, only increase the stimulus, even as early as this Thursday could reach this conclusion.

Technical analysis and operational recommendations:

Silver: daily chart MACD Hongzhu shortened, KDJ high, the high price of silver down, closing below the 10 day moving average located operational recommendations: buy low, sell high throw support: 15.50 Pressure: 16.20

Refined copper: daily MACD Hongzhu shortened, KDJ high Sicha down, the price of copper closed located 60-day moving average operational recommendations: buy low sell high support: 230.00 Pressure: 243.60

Platinum: The daily chart MACD Hongzhu shortened, KDJ high, fear of a pullback after platinum prices rose operational recommendations: buy low sell high support: 985.35 Pressure: 1040.00

The above is a rational investment advice for reference only, investors should make their own judgment, your own risk.

Shandong Gold Standard

Precious metals analyst: Cao Xiaolong

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