"Pixel highway Hurricane" US District explosion of red

Updated: October 14, 2015  Views: 55

Developers Remco Kortenoever's Smashy Road: Wanted << >> pixel highway hurricane in the United States has been a very popular game in pixel style with the car fled the play, once occupied the top of the table for one month free in the United States District App Store.

The game, players will have to drive a car in the vast map hunt game with the police. Operational aspects, the use of automatic acceleration setting, players only need to be able to complete two virtual buttons of steering. The vast map as long as you are not containment or crashed cars, the game will always continue.

Fun of the game lies in between chasing and being chased, how scenes from the vehicle to avoid obstacles or even crashed police car, is one of the problems the players need to consider. And step by step with the speed of the game, the car It will gradually rise, but also improve the car's handling more difficult, especially when the steering inertia effects must be considered as well as to the next move.

As a free game, which like most similar games, this made the charge in the main point is to unlock a new car, but players can slowly hoard of gold coins to unlock from the performance of various aspects of the game seem, this Games certainly will not disappoint you, interested friends may wish to experience.

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