"My World" country line XboxOne Edition Review

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Video loading, please wait ... play BNM version << my experience forward and backward world >>

XboxOne BNM recently on sale a new game: << my world >> (Minecraft game's reputation has no need to rely on evaluation of Amway, and I believe now is much more than to slip a lot of students play video games Jun (. absolute compliment. microblogging from time to time will be the great God's shaking mine anger would delete it. This is a game in 1000 was 1,000 kinds of hands the player looks for its praise and countless Games Memories can to do is to tell those not into the pit of shoes this really is a kind of magical game.

>> << My world in your hands might be like this:

What it would be able to live high-rise!

In the hands of others might be something like:

It could be like this:

Also possible is this:

Summary: This is a people's game (pa Games monarch was hit fly single sister died.!!.

XboxOne version of the game features:

+ Authentic freedom retained the original sandbox world

+ Host version of smooth handle operation does not lose mouse and keyboard

+ Convenient online multiplayer, voice chat and cloud storage

+ Achievement system added

+ Complete teaching levels

Simple, my world << >> is a thoroughly building blocks sandbox game, you can freely transform Language world. At the same time it is an RPG adventure game where you need to be self-reliant as Man vs. Wild survive and explore the world. This is a crazy party not only meet the construction imagination, but also to meet the party's digging frantically, to develop the party's patience, exploration party ambitions, but it is definitely the perfect party and the party's obsessive-compulsive disorder nightmare while you are not a person, the host version of my world >> << support local 4 people, 8 people online online mode you can explore in this world together and small partners, construction and defeating each other.

Multiplayer gameplay is completely different Oh

Although it looks like the whole picture is a mosaic, but he can not rough. Look at the great God's masterpiece, we know that the game screen is not bad, only your level of suck. Game has a wide variety of materials that can created by the ever-changing world. And very simple to use, the host version of the operating handle is also easy. In survival mode, you have to do is how from nothing to become invincible, in the creation mode, you have to do is show how fanciful To be vulgar imagination: This is a magical world.

XboxOne state line version << >> my world

XboxOne state line version << >> natural and ultimately, my entire world cultural simplified menus and interfaces. Although the game is less demanding on the language, but the mass of material in the game and be able to read the recipe name instead of icons and backrest if ironclad formula is convenient and pleasant.

In addition, the console version of a major bright spot is that the line does not need to build their own server, as long as the point of creation of the world will be automatically generated and stored on the Live, Live cloud plus, you have nothing to worry one day a hand slip their efforts in vain. And your friends who also convenient to add to your game. At the same time the National Bank also released a version on sale 30 packages a variety of skin, including the role of the skin, the skin and so the world, the aura << >> < <Mass Effect >> << The Elder Scrolls >> Star Wars and skin, and so the theme of all diffuse Viagra can be purchased downloaded to the PR party who is able to meet their needs and their fans.

<< >> Aura skin my world My world Mass Effect skin

<< >> For any evaluation of my world is useless. It's hot in that meet the people's hearts to control everything, creating everything, but also the desire to destroy everything. If you are considering whether or not to enter the pit, completely without Those who care about the works of the great God, my world >> << convey the idea that whatever they want freely. This is your own world, you can either fight it magnificent boldness to be purely original ecosystem, not just the architect They can play. In addition to that it also made things more games are played, just like a child we like playing house or playing soldiers were digging in the sand is the same reason, and is a pure creation of fun.

XboxOne state line version << >> my world simultaneously launched a variety of DLC

<< >> In my world tens of millions of copies sold worldwide, it has no length, no constraints, everyone is really worth to try .XboxOne state line version is priced at 129 yuan, DLC priced at tens of dollars . unequal game can be said is the state line lineup except << Halo: Master Chief Collection >> than most heavy work, one of the most value of the game (Etiempo.

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