Capcom Schedule exposure "Devil May Cry" new work

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In recent years, left-CAPCOM Stir the tricks, all kinds of high-definition, all kinds of heavy braking, except << Street Fighter >> series, Devil May Cry << >> and << >> are HD Resident Evil again, big there is a definition of rhythm, which also makes a lot of looking forward, these two new game for the players to feel a little disappointed, but the one from today NEOGAF exposed, CAPCOM annual schedule point of view, Devil May Cry >> << < <Resident Evil >> new work seems to have been far away.

CAPCOM 2016 fiscal year schedule exposure

From the figure we can see, in addition to already realized the << Street Fighter 5 >>, << Monster Hunter X >>, << Resident Evil: Apocalypse 2 >>, <<<< Dragon creed OL >> >> and other content, as well as the latest Devil May Cry << >> series << Resident Evil >> series << Street Fighter >> series << >> Monster Hunter series, << >> Dead Rising series, but These new platforms and specific intelligence work are not yet known.

<< Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps >> has been published, but << >> Devil May Cry series has not yet happened, the crowd collected in earlier production, on Devil May Cry << >> and << Resident Evil 5 >> of 7 Problems have also been involved in, in the end the players in the next year whether Devil May Cry 5 heading << >> this lifetime it still works like << Resident Evil:?? >> Umbrella Corps to a FPS game as it let us wait CAPCOM's good news, right.

<< Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps >>

In addition CAPCOM said worldwide there are still many old host of players in, so they will bring as many games to more platforms, including PC platform. Enhanced direction PC and online games lineup is CAPCOM main attack.

Taking into account the funding policy, they decided to shorten the development cycle of the game, that masterpiece of development time reduced from four years to two and a half which is why we can see << Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps reason .CAPCOM emphasize >> , players will see more and more brand new one million-selling game works.

7 >> << Resident Evil and Devil May Cry 5 >> << how far?

In addition, today released the '2015 comprehensive report,' we learned, CAPCOM development department is focusing on the development of a VR project, and the department is also responsible for << Resident Evil >> series, is the person in charge of the project << Biochemistry Evil 5 >> within producer bamboo fountain.

In the debriefing report of the department, he wrote: 'Currently, we are focusing on the challenges of virtual reality gaming market in this horrible world, as long as you like you may distort the rotation, but you can not escape the approaching monster ... until you take off. Under VR helmet, back to reality. We are currently building a new support VR game development engine, which is the most popular market, it can be developed for the current game works gaming platform. Our new journey has just set sail. '

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