Games Monarch "Nio" Front Experience Summary

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TGS2015 carried out on the eve of Tokyo Game Show, Koei Tecmo announced that the long-silent action game << >> Nio PS4 landing platform will be resurrected. << >> Nio PS3 platform game as announced earlier, originally scheduled for sale in summer 2006. but after being bounced into the endless, also has been speculation that the game might already canceled the planned sale. << >> Nio again comeback even more looking forward to the game.

Games Jun << >> front Nio experience summary

Koei Tecmo TGS are based in this specially prepared for the dark room in the real machine game demo. Because prohibited dark room cameras, video Jun PS4 version can only use language to describe the << Nio >> a.

Games Jun << >> front Nio experience summary

While the overall picture quality of the game does not give a glance Special amazing feeling, on the KT community is also the number game works is excellent. Lighting and scene details of the performance worthy of recognition, the game runs at 30FPS, and from the real machine demo video found no dropped frames phenomenon. Some large BOSS attack similar action will be shipped in black and white ink screen special effects, with a heavy wind taste, but also to the overall picture of the performance considerably. overall tone is dim, very dark << Soul >> feeling.

<< >> Nio is not a fast-paced action game, the protagonist of the running itself is relatively slow, unlike the overall battle rhythm >> << Cry Like the pursuit of straightforward, more to do with the enemy one by one contest. demonstration appeared too knives, guns, bows and arrows three weapons, as well as in the lower right corner of the screen illustrating the operation of the four main characters, it seems that you can switch between four different posture can be said that in addition to the more dim screen style, the game's combat is very similar rhythm >> << Darksoul.

Game players can change their own moves each of the weapons, not the pursuit of gorgeous combos, but for more practical defense conversion.

Many players might guess Nio << >> << will like Onimusha >>, after all, the essence of << >> Onimusha series is that 'flash' Obviously this is not the main << Nio >> way of fighting. If there are similarities, is probably the lead samurai style set.

Although TGS venue sound is very noisy, but << >> Nio music or to the Games left a deep impression on the king. With a heavy wind game's soundtrack is very fitting theme enemy set some close << discussion >> ghost pass, I do not know with the same KT whether the agency's work, looks like a genie from Japan style.

Overall, Nio << >> like a combination of Darksoul << >> << >> << Onimusha discuss ghost pass >> action game, in many ways seems to be able to see more than three games shadow game PS4 announced exclusive landing platform in 2016, from the real machine demonstration run, in fact, have a high degree of completion. only hope that this time really do not bounced. Like Darksoul >> << sword or wind action Game players can focus on looking at this. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 電玩君《仁王》前方體驗匯總