"Halo 5" opening game engine rendering

Updated: September 8, 2015  Views: 4

A few days ago we saw the aura << 5: Keeper >> opening animation Recently, 343 studio told us more details on the game screen and cutscenes.

<< Aura 5: Keeper >>

343 Studios spokesperson Holmes on Twitter recently explained that the reason they halo in 5 >> << propaganda offensive emphasis faces Locke, mainly because Master Chief is already a very familiar role, he said, >> << halo universe is huge, not only a hero Master Chief, while they are trying to let everyone get to know a new hero Spartan squad.

About opening video and cutscenes, Holmes said that all video we are seeing are all rendered in the game engine. Most engines are also animated the whole rendering. Specifically, he explained that the opening animation of role models within the engine , in addition to pre-rendered CG and post FX rendering filters, so the game itself is a very good picture.

Although this is not the only protagonist Master Chief, may make some hardcore fans somewhat disappointed, but there is one thing they did wrong, the universe is so big, we should not only a hero. We will see this in October 27 bit new Spartans can bring what new surprises (Source:. 3DM Editor: kaiko

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