Tengtai: China's economy is expected to stabilize by the end of the stock market and gold deposit investment opportunities

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 29
Sina Financial News October 19 News, 'It was a positive influence in the wealth effect of the bull market, the Chinese economy is likely to bottom out in the third quarter, but since the stock market crash, the economy bottomed out delay is expected for reform have also been to some extent. 'Weber Brothers chairman, Huambo Tengtai Research Institute, said,' If the Fifth Plenary Session can reunite reform consensus, the Central Economic Work Conference in December to take more decisive counter-cyclical regulatory measures, the economy will hit bottom back stable, rational capital market is also expected to return to the bull market.

He believes that the current reform-driven speed, depth below market expectations. While executives have a strong desire for change, but due to the lack of independence of China's top think tank and a strong design capability, thereby short-term is difficult to introduce large-scale independent, constructive and operational reform program. Results authorities and experts to discuss within the system, often a compromise and a slightly progressive reform policies. '' If you take out the central level of short-term large-scale reforms in all fields, and that the central government general principle, give full play to the grass-roots action, intensity and depth reform is also expected to increase. '

Faced with the current economic downtrend, Tengtai proposal should increase the reverse cycle control efforts, the implementation of monetary policy. Tengtai think September 1.05 trillion yuan of new loans, M2 growth rate of over 13%, has improved but not enough, companies Financing costs are still too high, he said, this is a neutral word loose, loose in relation to the economic downturn and deflation can be in China, inflation populist criticism of the shadows and into a derogatory term loosely to normal relaxed, reform and restructuring of opposition Policymakers fear of being scolded repeatedly evaded turn on the water. The current must face the reality have to play as soon as a clear easing, the economy is good the people will understand. When it comes to capital market trends, Tengtai believes that China's stock market in September has been completed policy at the end the transition to a market bottom, Oct. confidence recovery, 2016 will be more stable and healthy bull market.

When the assistant president of Ping An Bank Private Banking Xia Guangmin accepted Reuters interview suggested asset allocation investments shortage caused by the economic downturn, in addition to the stock market, but also to the needs of overseas asset allocation gradually rise. 'While the long-term absence of the devaluation of the RMB basis, But because the previous decade has been the appreciation of the yuan, appreciate now largely over. The dollar return on assets increased RMB yields decline, the two sides will become increasingly smaller spreads, from the point of view in terms of diversification, investors will increase overseas assets ratio. 'Xia Guangmin of road.

'Buy the stock is much higher than the rate of return in other industries.' Shunya investment Bo Shi, chairman of China at the second session of the North Bund Wealth Management Summit is so he said, because the economic downturn, the expected rate of return are lower, the balance of treasure [Microblogging] interest rate return of about 3%.

He suggested that after September 30 off the basic configuration lethal end, the stock market by solving the lever has been completed, but the local debt leverage has not been lifted. 'Funds face the stock market has always been relaxed, but also in the economic capital and better The trend since October yields fell below 3 percent state, liberal situation in the fermentation. 'According to Stone wave analysis, bonds are the best indicator of liquidity, junk bonds or high interest credit debt levels 3 % or more, the stock market more than 3% rate of return more than 170, which is beneficial to the performance of the stock market rally.

In his view, the policy began to pick up in October, a decline in the proportion of mortgage down payment, bank loans, etc. are liberalized capital growth, this stage of the micro-stimulus policies continue to overweight, the gradual accumulation of bullish factors. 'Now is the most conducive to investment market in the first quarter of retail money than you, it is gambling investment. Now the situation is conducive to institutional investors or professionals, can calm to buy stock, the next six months are so. '

Future investment, stone wave optimistic about the Internet information industry, cultural industries, automotive, industrial 4.0, big data, etc. In addition to the stock market, 'gold may also a good time to be worth the investment.' Tengtai says. Xiaguang Min also said If the rest of the time there is no particular sense of security, as the antithesis of currency, gold has experienced a long decline after the new round of investment opportunities come again. (Reuters 彭苏平 Xu Min from Shanghai)

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