Sports Investment, a treadmill is accelerating

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Our reporter Wang Xiaodong

'Provinces in 2025 the total size of the target of the sports industry and nearly 7 trillion yuan.' October 12, the State Sports Minister Liu Peng expressed. In fact, it has exceeded the relevant documents submitted five trillion yuan of the development goals.

<< China Enterprise News >> reporter from the 2015 China Sports Tourism Expo Culture and Sports has learned that a few years ago, tepid sports industry is becoming a hot investment, industrial capital, venture capital have entered the sports industry.

7 trillion yuan Sports dividend

Liu Peng, the national work conference that the sports industry, the State Council Document No. 46 (<< Several Opinions on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption >>) issued in the past year, there are 30 provincial government issued a State Council document No. 46 the implementation of views, the provinces in 2025 the total size of the target of the sports industry and nearly 7 trillion yuan.

'According to the general level of the developed countries of 2 percent calculation, China's sports industry there is still much room for development.' Peng said. In developed countries, sports industry accounts for 1% of GDP to 3% in general, and China Sports Industry Currently only the added value of 0.63% GDP.

Some industry insiders estimate that in 2015 China's sports industry output will reach 687.9 billion yuan, while the future with the gradual growth of China's GDP, the output value of broken trillion sports only a matter of time.

According to Reporters statistics, the 2015 Chinese Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Expo nine halls nearly 120 units, government departments and enterprises attended the fair.

Huge sports industry will bring any benefits in September this year, a limited liability company from Super League bid solicitation release << 2016 -? 2020 Super League television public signal production and copyright Partners >> can be discerned.

Sports broadcast rights in the bidding, the 1.75 billion yuan each, four billion yuan, 4.3 billion yuan auction sound, body Austrian power company at 80 billion price beat the strength of the Guangdong broadcasters, CTV Sports Entertainment Limited and Star Sports Media Ltd obtained exclusive broadcast.

'China's sports broadcast rights is not expensive.' The fair one exhibitor said. In fact, in the introduction to the sport copyright battle, Tencent won NBA5年的版权, PPTV16 one hundred million yuan won La Liga five years copyright Race copyright, music as sport has a total of Premiership, Super 17 and other 121 class sports competitions. English Premier League broadcast rights for the next three years the UK £ 50 million, only Hong Kong, the music, as the sport will spend 2.599 billion yuan.

You can make an analogy that 2013 season in the Premiership to achieve revenues of 2.9 billion euros of the total, including broadcast rights revenue reached 1.1 billion pounds, attendance is more than 91% of fans more than 600 million people worldwide. And this year, including the 2019 Chinese have been obtained FIBA Men's Basketball World Cup, the 2020 Olympic Winter Games, Hangzhou right to host the Asian Games, have provided a great imagination for operators to broadcast rights.

Into 2014-2015, a sudden movement had swept usual, it is run. Wind marathon seemed suddenly swept through the country, local investors and local governments are the first to hold events. There are data show that in 2014 there 90 million people participated in various marathon, 2015 is a conservative estimate as many as one hundred million running nearly 200 million people .300 market is active.

The rise of the marathon, is behind a huge economic feast, although experts say the country can profit only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other cities in five or six games, the majority of events the operator is break-even or losing money , but the trend is still optimistic about the future.

'Playing crazy' the Sports Investment

Data show that in 2011 the US sports industry revenues nearly 2.3 trillion yuan, China's sports industry output value of 234.2 billion yuan, income of only 160 billion yuan, but it also means the development of Chinese sports industry a huge space.

Although the development is seriously lagging behind, in June 2012, ESPN network announced the completion of B round of financing, financing amounting to 40 million yuan, lead investor side to Haitong Kaiyuan Investment Limited. 'This investment will become the history of Chinese sports industry development a new milestone. 'CEO Charles Zhang Hai Tong Kaiyuan had smug. Have to say, the Chinese sports achievements broad space for development of domestic traffic Tiger bashing network become the biggest sports vertical portal.

2013 Super company revenue reached 370 million yuan, an increase of nearly 100%, net profit reached 119 million yuan, Super 90 percent of its revenue from commercial sponsorship. During this period, the club have increased the introduction of capital, Hengda, national security let Chinese football has become full of flavor. Sports Industrialization let Hengda Group and Ali could not be sidelined, some of the capital predators began to sprout and intends to meddle in sports.

Founder Securities Yangren Wen believes that having a sports integrated operational capability of the company, or the mass sports fitness sports goods companies and Internet companies to become three standard sports future support sports industry.

In fact, 杨仁文 prophecy being confirmed. To October last year, the State Council issued document No. 46, which provides a favorable environment for capital smoothly into the sports industry. 'The total size of the sports industry in 2025 will reach 5 trillion yuan.' Legitimate tradition When investment disheartened, Wang Jianlin, Ma, Ma [microblogging] think the opportunity came so quietly.

2015, sports bring people behind the physical and mental pleasure, is the major investor brutal sports game.

With the gradual liberalization of decentralization in-depth, industry chain resources, so that the layout of the sports industry is full of the smell of gunpowder in the Ma, Jia Yueting [microblogging], Ma and a number of Internet 'godfather' have backward sports industry, the early In 2011 he spent huge amounts of money for the Chinese football Wang Jianlin, it is more in the sports industry, Qiu Hui Fang exclusion.

In January of this year, Wang Jianlin, announced plans to pay 45 million euros to buy the football club Atletico Madrid, a month later, Wang Jianlin, announced the holding cost of 1.05 billion euros the European sports media giant - Infront Sports Media Group in May, Wanda [microblogging] completed A round sports music as lead investor seems, Wang Jianlin also intends to dominate the domestic sports industry.

Say to shortly before the Beijing Marathon, prediction of the number of 63,118 people, a new record refresh domestic full marathon, the last only by the drawing of lots to select 30,000 contestants. On the operations side, there are professionals estimated 2014 operating income marathon 20 billion, driven by the relevant industry revenue over ten billion yuan, a conservative estimate for 2015 is 5.0 billion, related industries is increasing.

In this context, it emerged a large number of running companies is not surprising. I believe the figure does not take long run the company will appear in the capital markets.

Passion industry also need to invest in a rational

Sports industry has been called passion investor industry, not only reflected in the passion of the sports arena, it is competing capital into passion.

But it is clear that China's sports industry is still not a very mature industry.

Yangren Wen research that the presence of the industrial development of China's sports hardware and software deficiencies, hardware, public budgets are limited, finite resource sports venues. China's per capita sports area in 2012 is about 1.2 square meters, the United States is 16 square meters, Japan is 19 square meters. China's per capita sports area with the developed countries the gap is very large.

Software problems, China is now also part of sports marketing-driven economy, which is the B2B, dependence on advertising is relatively large. Contrast the United States will find that the United States is a consumer-driven economy of sport, its B2C property value. strong. Physical economic structure of China's relatively simple, the concept is relatively backward, spending on B2C business is relatively low. In addition, more important is the nationwide system of Chinese sports also occupy complete dominance, a bit like a state-owned monopoly at any time deviation and damage to the capital markets may occur. This defeat private capital often seen on super and CBA's past foreign capital. This year alone, the right to health of Tianjin TEDA cooperation rupture. And this cooperation is often broken system nature, capital want the final say, the system is not allowed, it can only be separated.

At the same time, the market is still impetuous than rational, 'the Internet giant and sports companies to join the bidding copyright, in the promotion of sports industries, to some extent, set a high threshold for the fledgling sports industry in China, which is not conducive to the sport comprehensive development, eight billion yuan in previous years, 80 million yuan contrast, the jump too fast, if it is short-term investment, long-term development of sports not risk does not exist. 'Lee, vice president of the Shanxi Cultural Exchange Association, perseverance not without worries .

Yangren Wen believes that talent is an important factor in the sports industry capital constraints to get a good return, due to late start, fast development, talent has become a focus of contention. Wanda sport with lots of money to the general manager of the Super League under the state system to hire, music as more CCTV is the first card host Jianhong lured away. This is an operational level, for the capital of sport, but we are very cautious, only to complete the process of China's sports industry capital in growth through international exchanges.

Therefore, Shanxi Cultural Exchange Association vice president Li determination that: 'Whether it is industrial capital or venture capital, in front of the easiest to herd the cultural capital such as China, may no longer be facing the blue ocean, this We should attach great importance. ' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.