Beijing Copyright Bureau in November will start the tour action against piracy hand

Updated: November 2, 2015  Views: 48

On the animation game copyrighted news conference, the Beijing Copyright Bureau, will begin in November, officially launched special operations to combat piracy hand tour areas further standardize the order of hand travel in the field of copyright.

Beijing Municipal Press and Publication Wang Ye Fei, deputy director of the bureau said in his speech that in recent years, the rapid development of mobile game industry, 2015 is expected to more than 40 billion revenue size, will exceed the size of China's film box office revenue is expected to 2017, China will become The world's largest hand-travel market. Therefore, mobile gaming has become a very important field of digital content.

Number of mobile games development is also very impressive, there are currently more than 20,000 money hand travel online operations, especially on the development of high-quality animation copyright hand tour by users favorite to become the key factor in mobile games to obtain the user traffic.

However, the phenomenon of piracy in the field of mobile games is very serious, according to Beijing Rights Monitoring Center monitoring data provided by the display, according to the well-known cartoon >> << Hang Haiwang development of hundreds of pirated hand travel as much, not only seriously infringement of the legitimate interests of the copyright side, but also greatly hurt the interests of the player.

Wang Ye Fei, deputy director said that in order to protect the legitimate interests of rights holders, so that users can play a genuine game, achieve the harmonious and healthy development of hand travel industry, the Beijing Copyright Bureau under copyright protection in recent years to carry out special treatment in the Internet music, film and television fields experience, starting from November, officially launched in the field of hand travel special action to combat piracy, copyright order to further standardize the hand travel sector.

As the main hand travel distribution channels, Qihoo 360 Overseas Business Director, said, would strengthen the hand swim IP (copyright) of content review, if you encounter the game right from the executive branch or complaints related to the alleged infringement, the first time to make In response, the strong support of the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau, hand tour areas of governance piracy work together to maintain good order industry.

At the meeting, the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau of Press and Publication and the animation business representatives Namco Bandai anime game copyright protection signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and published a list of the first batch of anime copyright protection, namely: Hang Haiwang << >> < <Pearl >>, << Naruto >>, << >> Gundam series.

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