Statistics issued in September before the western residential investment real estate data now negative first

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Securities Times Online ( October 19 hearing

2015 January - September, the national real estate development and investment 7.0535 trillion yuan, up 2.6% nominal growth (after deducting price factors, the actual growth of 4.2%, higher than the 1 - down 0.9 percentage points from August in which residential investment 4.7505 trillion yuan, an increase of. 1.7 percent, the growth rate down 0.6 percentage points from residential investment accounting for real estate development and investment accounted for 67.3% from the investment data, in particular the residential investment, which in the western region 1 - September for the first time there has been increased investment rose year on year down.

Centaline Dawei, chief analyst analysts believe that steady economic trends, real estate subsequent still need to be stimulated. Third quarter GDP growth rate less than 7%, in the current economic slowdown and facing a transition of the occasion, the pivotal role of the real estate industry has once again been strengthened. sluggish external demand so weak export growth, stimulating the economy other two carriages investment and consumption will play a greater power, while the real estate market either for investment or for consumption growth accounted contribution should not be overlooked, and therefore subject to comprehensive policies to encourage housing consumption of .

In addition, housing stock for 2 months down, but the commercial gains. August sale of residential area decreased 1.94 million square meters, in September housing sale area to reduce 3.87 million square meters from the Bureau of Statistics 70 city view room rates, home prices increase the number of cities are increasing month by month. According to this trend, in the fourth quarter 70 cities, housing prices pick up most of a second-tier recovery.

It is worth noting that sales show further signs of recovery are 24 key cities in the Central Plains monitoring, the majority of the city's inventory area has slightly decreased from another indicator - can be seen inventory digestion cycle, these cities have successfully suppressed the growth momentum indicators continue digestion period has been a minor part of the city have come down according to current market trends, key cities brisk sales market is still maintained.

Dawei supplementary think that the overall market has shown a significant four uneven: demand is not balanced, the supply is not balanced, unbalanced inventory, price change is not balanced from the national real estate market, a second-tier market heating up, inventory reduction, but many four-tier cities have been very serious backlog of inventory, the local tier market, even in the case of the bailout, it is still brewing crash risk.

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