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Animation (Anime and Comic Japanese culture is the highest recognition level two outlet, such as << One Piece >> and << >> Attack on Titan it can be said Huobian worldwide, many fans. Obsessed fans (usually otaku family who will use a variety of ways to express the second element of the role of favorite. milder lot of fans will gather a variety of related things, there will be rallies in cosplay cos their favorite characters, while hardcore Yu otaku more obsessed: and their second element Goddess 'marriage', and even sleeping with the role of similar objects.

Uchimura light his pillow

Japanese entrepreneurs Uchimura light (Koichi Uchimura is above the latter when I (the original author to see him in Fukuoka startups coworking, he introduced me to his other half: Rina Makuraba, a long 160 cm The body pillow.

Rina, a multi-purpose pillow (makura in Japanese that means the pillow is a ballet dancer, is Uchimura light according to his dream girl created secondary roles. Uchimura light indicates the blonde 14-year-old girl was a junior high school students .

Koichi will be very proud to stroking Rina waist, and when I asked him, Rina was not his girlfriend, he confidently replied with a smile:. 'She is my wife.' Even more interesting is that when Koichi slap him. ' wife ', the pillow will suddenly blurting:' Shut up, idiot, 'which really scared to my original pillow connected phone App, this sentence is sent from the phone!.

Pillow will issue a different reaction when touching the pillow

Since the printing on the pillowcase to meet otaku and favorite object 'sleep' desire, they are also particularly prefer this pillow while Itaspo pillow Koichi invention is to let otaku go, because the sensor pillow tops can open 'speak.'

Before establishing Joyas company, Koichi is a researcher at Kyushu University in Japan, and the pillow sensor used in this university is really inventive. 'Generally impervious fabric sensor is functioning, but they can not distinguish the beat, playing and touching difference ', Koichi told reporters.

The pillow is placed under pillowcase Itaspo the three sensors and is connected via Bluetooth with smart machines that can 'talk.' Moreover, the sensor position is not fixed, the user can be placed in any position he wants .Koichi will these three Rina sensors were placed in the head, chest (slightly worse ...... and left thigh. pillow there is a small flaw is that all of the sensors must be connected to a boxy box, the box also installed circuit boards and batteries, so probably sleeping, the box will be a little dent, but Koichi trying to devise methods to minimize the volume of the box.


Itaspo the App in Android and iOS systems can be used, and will be based on the user's actions accordingly feedback. For example, users hit the pillow, she would say, 'Stop!', If not stop, she will burst foul language, curse You're a waste, if stroking, she would say like you, let her continued stroking deep breathing, moaning even ...... you know.

Touching different ways to make Itaspo roughly five kinds of reaction types, from the best 'wife model' to the worst 'hate mode.' Of course, only you beat her as sandbags, she will hate you.


Her voice can be issued for 500 of them, so no need to worry about repeated .Koichi want to create a voice sound more sounds and words for users to pay to download .Rina from a certain voice actors, actually the actor Age sounds much larger than the recording.

'We do not intend to apply for a patent, but delegated to qualified third party to produce, or simply the technology and API to sell him', Koichi said, 'We will also develop a market for the sale of their own original user product.' So, please look forward to it!

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