Media: India not to become like the United States and Japan's war will not offend China

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 28

October 14, the United States, the Indian Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force began to hold 'Malabar' maritime joint military exercise in the Bay of Bengal. Japan Xinhua China Press on the 19th article said, this is Abe government security bill by the SDF for the first time with a foreign joint military exercises, but also for the first time in eight years the SDF to participate in naval exercises in the Indian Ocean. Moreover, the United States and Japan and India the government has basically agreed to this exercise in the form of fixed, held annually. Of course, India's goal is to become an independent will big country, rather than becoming the US and Japan, 'Elephant.'

Article excerpts are as follows:

For this exercise, although the Japanese Self-Defense Forces spokesman said in particular that the exercise 'is not directed against a particular country.' But this admitting their guilt of 'diplomatic language' so that 'smart' Japanese media to take the hint, and soon excited stand up.

If you really put alarmist gimmick seriously, I am afraid of is the way to be wrong. The military exercises held in the Indian Ocean, India is clearly the protagonist. For Indian vocal, do India's 'spokesperson' I do not know Japanese media consider India had no feelings.

India is itself considered more strategic needs. With the United States held a joint military exercise, can not read too much into India joined the 'containment of China,' the camp is not difficult to find, since Modi government came to power, relations between India significantly strengthen the US-Japan But at the same time, India's efforts to strengthen relations with China is also impressive.

India to expand internationally intensive diplomatic offensive, the first is to seek cooperation for the development of the economy, and then the fight for the 'permanent' seeking great power status. 'South Asian elephant' India's goal is to become a big country with an independent will, instead of becoming the United States and Japan The 'Elephant.'

From World War II history, India is 'NAM' one country initiated, successive governments have emphasized the non-aligned foreign policy is the foundation of its efforts to develop relations with all countries, and strive to play an important role in regional and international affairs .1954 In April, India and China established diplomatic relations, a non-socialist country in the first country to establish diplomatic ties with China.

Peaceful coexistence is Premier Zhou Enlai with the then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of Myanmar U Nu established jointly initiated after the end of the Cold War, India is implementing a full range of pragmatic diplomacy, creating a favorable environment for their own development and lasting peace. Apparently even if there are some concerns that India would never join the United States and Japan camp has become their ally in the Indian Ocean. for China at this point, the Japanese media want more.

Then from the reality of the economic point of view, in recent years, Sino-Indian economic and trade relations have developed rapidly. In 2003, the two countries established a joint research team, specializing in economic complementarity between the two countries, and plans to develop economic and trade cooperation, bilateral trade volume from 2005 The $ 18.7 billion increase in 2014 of $ 71.6 billion, and this year is expected to exceed one hundred billion US dollars, while the trade volume between Japan and India in 2014 was only $ 25 billion. in Japan is more important in the current economic situation in India, see at a glance. For Japan to offend China, India will obviously not do this kind of 'lose money.'

In fact, the Japanese media hype, the truth is a Cold War mentality. Nowadays, you lose, I win 'zero sum game' outdated, 'win-win', 'win' has become the mainstream of China, Japan, India, as a big country in Asia, Only mutual cooperation and common development in order for the country, Asia, the world's bring more good news. What old play 'Three killed,' to last only a snipe and the clam play off. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.