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Commerce Gao Hucheng: Sino-British economic and trade relations to build 'golden age'

According to Xinhua news, Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng 18, said that at present, the Sino-British economic and trade cooperation has stable growth of bilateral trade, two-way investment continued to deepen, expand new areas of cooperation have been positive trend. Hopes the two countries in profound changes in the global economy Today cooperate together to build the Sino-British economic and trade relations of the 'golden age.'

Gao pointed out that, in order to seize this historic opportunity to further promote bilateral economic and trade relations, the two companies complement each other to achieve win-win cooperation, the two sides can strengthen cooperation in the following areas:

First, to fully tap the potential of bilateral trade. Promote Chinese exports of high value-added products to Britain, United Kingdom play advantage in high-end manufacturing, high-tech and R & D areas, looking for new growth points of bilateral trade in goods. At the same time, further promote technological innovation, electronic trade in services business, finance and legal services, health care, creative industries and other cooperation, trade in goods and trade in services take off together.

Second, deepen cooperation in investment and large projects. 'Along the way' to establish initiatives and Asian investment banking business will further promote bilateral cooperation in the field of infrastructure. Both sides can be high-speed rail, nuclear power cooperation projects as a starting point to increase the life science, satellite application , new energy, new energy vehicles and information technology and other emerging industrial cooperation, and strive to build a number of landmark demonstration of large projects to promote further development of two-way investment cooperation.

Third, to strengthen regional cooperation between the two countries and cooperation in third markets. The two governments should establish long-term mechanism of regional cooperation, discuss business cooperation and Britain to participate in England 'north of the revitalization plan.' At the same time, take advantage of China's equipment manufacturing and in the capital, as well as Britain advantages in technology innovation, management experience and financial services, the two companies jointly promote and expand cooperation in third markets, creating new space for bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

Fourth, create a favorable trade and investment environment in the hope that the United Kingdom continues to play an active role within the EU to promote the high-tech products exports to China, China-EU investment agreements reached at an early date, to carry out a joint feasibility study of China-EU FTA as soon as possible, to achieve the bilateral trade and investment cooperation sustainable development.

Commerce Department conditionally approved the Nokia [microblogging] the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent stake in case

According to the Commerce Department website news, October 19, 2015, the Ministry of Commerce to make the conditions attached to the approval of Nokia Corporation (Nokia's acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent (Alcatel-Lucent's stake in the case referred to the antitrust review decision.

Ministry of Commerce to declare the party pointed out this competition problems that may arise concentration of business operators, and on how to reduce the adverse effects of this concentration of undertakings on competition conducted several rounds of negotiations, finally approved a conditional declaration of commitments under the program submitted by case. Nokia is committed to continue to follow the standard license essential patents FRAND principles, and to ban the transfer of standard essential patents and other issues made a corresponding commitment. Nokia said the commitment to reduce the potential threat to competition in the market transaction, the Ministry of Commerce according to the law Nokia's commitment to the fulfillment of supervision.

Chinalco formation of large rare earth group work through the acceptance

According to the Ministry website 19 news, recently, China Aluminum Corporation (Chinalco held the formation of large enterprise groups of rare earth work acceptance will be.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division of raw materials (RE office, the Ministry of Land Development Division, SAC [microblogging] Planning Bureau and other rare-earth management responsible comrades and experts attended the meeting, that the basic completion of the integration of the various tasks of the program. Under step, the aluminum company will follow << >> Several Opinions of the State Council on promoting the sustained and healthy development of rare earth industry (country Document [2011] No. 12 requirements, implement the protection of rare earth resources, while protecting the environment, aiming << Made in China 2025 >> proposed high-end applications, to develop high-end rare earth magnetic materials, catalytic materials and other new materials industries, to further enhance the core competitiveness and international market players and Rare Earth Group, to better promote the sustained and healthy development of rare earth industry.

Ministry of Industry announced 2015 annual list of China's urban broadband demonstration

According to the Ministry news website on the 19th, after the city declared the provinces a comprehensive review of pre-trial and experts, to determine the 39 cities (urban agglomerations of 2015 annual 'Broadband China' model city (city group.

List is as follows:

Taiyuan, Hohhot, Ordos City, Anshan, Panjin City, Baishan City, Yangzhou City, Jiaxing City, Hefei, Tongling City, Putian City, Xinyu City, Ganzhou, Dongying City, Jining City, Dezhou, Xinxiang Wing city, Huangshi, Xiangyang, Yichang, Shiyan, Suizhou, Yueyang City, Shantou, Meizhou, Dongguan City, Jiangjin District, Chongqing Rongchang District, Mianyang, Neijiang, Yibin City, Dazhou, Yuxi City, Lanzhou, Zhangye City, Guyuan, Zhongwei City, Karamay.

He Lifeng: accelerate the implementation of a number of pro-poor precision anti-poverty project

According to the NDRC website 19 news, He Lifeng, deputy director of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office recently invited to attend the United Nations [microblogging] system in China jointly organized the '2015 Poverty Reduction and Development Forum' high-level meeting and delivered a keynote speech.

He Lifeng, deputy director of introduction, the next period, the Chinese government will adhere to economic development and improving people's livelihood combined adhere to regional development and poverty alleviation precise combination of pay more attention to promoting reform and innovation and opening up, pay more attention to poverty alleviation precise precision out of poverty, further strengthen top-level design , improve the policy system, increase investment, promote particularly concentrated in poor areas contiguous poor areas to accelerate the pace of poverty reduction and development, so that the poor people across the country together with a comprehensive well-off society clocked into the main initiatives include: First, actively promoting poverty-stricken areas into national strategies and plans, the second is to further increase the poverty-stricken areas of investment, the third is to accelerate the implementation of a number of pro-poor precision anti-poverty project, four are institutional mechanisms to support reform and innovation in poor areas.

Development and Reform Commission to carry out renewable energy consumptive nearby Pilot

According to Development and Reform Commission released on October 19, notification regarding the development of renewable energy consumptive nearby pilot decided to carry out renewable energy in some areas of Gansu Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region near consumptive pilot. Development and Reform Commission requirements, the pilot must be more effectively addressed in some areas severe wind abandoned, abandoned light problem in the renewable energy-rich regions, to encourage renewable energy generation companies formed the main market, to encourage renewable energy generation companies directly involved in the transaction, and gradually expand the scope and scale of the transaction.

Didi suggestions for the new Department of Transportation rules: the development of space shuttle about to network

According to the official microblogging messages travel drops, drops 19 travel companies announced the Ministry of Transport submitted to the opinion of the recommendations put forward drops traveling: 1, to set aside a part-time driver and vehicle development, 2, to 'government control platform, platform tube car 'approach to managing network about car, 3, to explore the network of local development and management about leaving space shuttle.

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