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Yesterday, we held a 'double hit week' Zhongguancun Venture Street venue activities. Beijing News reporter 卢淑婵 photo

The Beijing News (Reporter Wu 8 to 45 years old to 13-year-old children, under the guidance of instructors innovation, through computer modeling, 3D printing, design and production of the 'physical balance,' 'Variety bird', 'Aladdin 'and a series of creative works.

This is the Zhongguancun Venture Street, participate 'K-12 juvenile record passenger Marathon' active 'Strength' small hit lobbyists.

Yesterday, the 'National public entrepreneurial innovation Peoples Week' (referred to as 'double hit week' officially kicked off. Activities in Beijing, Shanghai and other places set up eight sub-venues in Zhongguancun Venture Street points on the venue launching ceremony, 36 venture service agency representatives came together to witness the launch venue.

During the last five days of the 'double hit week', Zhongguancun Street, a collection of more than 100 business organizations, have organized innovation market, geeks Challenge, intelligent hardware section, Demo the world of global innovation road shows in more than 30 series of innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

Among them, the 'Innovation Fair' campaign, brought together more than 50 domestic and international business services organization in Zhongguancun Venture Street Street, entrepreneurship container South Square, set up a business policy, business incubators, venture capital and six other special display area, entrepreneurs and business service agencies to build a platform for interaction.

Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park Management Committee, deputy director 李长萍 announced at the launching ceremony, Canada Joint Venture Camp (CAMP, China Angels Mentorship Program) has officially started. Entrepreneurship camp will help selected start-up companies in Ontario, Canada to find the right potential Chinese partners and Chinese instructors and provide training to the enterprise, create suitable for the Chinese market, business model, ready to enter the Chinese market.

According to organizers, Zhongguancun Street business activities at the same venue is part of the 'Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship season (2015' series of theme activities. 'Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship season (2015' will fully display the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation core area of Zhongguancun, for the national 'mass innovation , the highly entrepreneurial 'to create display platform.

[Aspect 1]

'Low-altitude parachute' appearance of software and hardware contest

Yesterday morning, Zhongguancun Venture Street, '48 hours Software Challenge' and '72 hours hardware Challenge' were opened.

Software Challenge last two days, and requires continuous programming participating teams within 48 hours, the product concept made after brainstorming software products. Participate software project no shortage of race and lives of computer programs and mobile applications.

Picking network by the Chinese team to develop the 'logistics picking through' through the Internet so that customers need logistics quickly locate, find carrier logistics company. Team members pledged to build the logistics industry, 'Didi taxi.'

Hardware Challenge participating teams within 72 hours to the scene to complete the design and production of intelligent hardware model presentation.

A communications company is designing production of 'low-altitude parachute' interesting. The parachute can fall fully open 10-20 meters in the air. 'When a high-rise fire, with this parachute jump, can greatly reduce the disaster's death , 'the production team said it would play a significant role in real life.

In addition, you can always receive delivery of smart locks, you can view the elderly sleep quality intelligent pillow, you can display 3D stereoscopic books, etc., have appeared two games, has attracted many investors stop.

[Aspect 2]

Korean consortium Innovation Fair 'stall'

The 'Innovation Fair' campaign brought together Tsinghua accelerator, excellent customer workshops, pull hook net, US Plug & Play, South Korea and other domestic and more than 50 entrepreneurs D.CAMP services.

Entrepreneurship in the Zhongguancun Avenue Street, entrepreneurship container South Square, set up a business policy, business incubation, venture capital, business media, entrepreneurship training and entrepreneurial comprehensive service six special display area for entrepreneurs and business service agencies to build a interaction platform.

Korean youth entrepreneurship D.CAMP bank consortium stalls circle, two young Koreans to come to consult the creator forward passenger introduce its business services. This area is located in the center of Seoul, working capital of more than 30 billion yuan of Korean consortium came to Zhongguancun, It will provide a platform for gathering, business venues and supporting fund entrepreneurs.

For start-up technology companies, the intellectual property protection and patent applications, trading is often much-needed business services business services company called 'IP angel', in order to create customer to provide patent pledge loans, shares and intellectual property patent agents trading and other services.

Also on the market to provide integrated legal services for entrepreneurs to start service companies, providing a one-time reduction of 3000 yuan rent housing rental companies, as well as online and offline seminars regularly organized under the entrepreneurship training companies.

[Aspect 3]

KPMG 'Dengfeng plan' was officially launched

In Zhongguancun, China Electronics Building, KPMG held a 'Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit', which is shared by KPMG innovation and entrepreneurship center for the first time. 'Kaimennake.' The summit, KPMG announced the first strategy to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, declared vigorously support the Chinese public innovation and entrepreneurship .

There are more than 100 summit site start-ups, investors, innovation incubators, leading companies and government representatives participating Senior Partner, KPMG China Science and Technology and Information Industry 吴剑林 introduced KPMG 'graduation +' program:. 'KPMG's global network using its resources and professional capacity to effectively assist in optimizing the business model innovation and entrepreneurship, to avoid risks and improve the success rate, helping entrepreneurs to transform a mature entrepreneur. '

KPMG at the summit for the first time published the 'entrepreneurial KPMG Academy' project, one of the 'Dengfeng plan' was officially launched successfully added 'Dengfeng plan' entrepreneurial team subject to quantitative online screening, KPMG basis for assessing the results, provide different help Rotary combinations.

In addition, KPMG start college on a regular basis to launch a series of innovation and entrepreneurship courses to help entrepreneurs understand and master the latest skills and knowledge, to re-examine the value of the business model, to grasp business expansion, operations management, raise funds, negotiating strategies and communication skills, etc. .


'Entrepreneurs create spiritual home'

Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park Management Committee, deputy director Li Changping introduced yesterday, Haidian innovation and entrepreneurship are radiated to lead the country.

She introduced last June 12 this street 'on the street', in just more than a year, brought together more than 30 incubators, radiation leading role is obvious. Many organizations set up branches in other provinces, to further promote the the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. It may also be 'double hit week' Choose one of the reasons for the establishment of sub-venues in Haidian.

'We are here brought together measures to support innovation and entrepreneurship, also gathered a large number of universities, policy and personnel advantages. Many businesses in suburban districts and counties of Beijing and Tianjin and Hebei region have established branches, our talent and technology export to form a coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin trend. '李长萍 he said.

The activities of the organizers at the venue, Beijing Hai set Branch Year Technology Services Co., Ltd. Chairman Yao Hongbo said Zhongguancun Venture Street to fight the spiritual home of the entrepreneur: 'The prime minister last May 7 visited Zhongguancun Venture Street today and in the main hall he made a impromptu speech, which entrepreneurs and business services are concerned, have been encouraging. We stood front into the trend of the times. '

Beijing News reporter Wu

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