Microsoft will stop updating Kinect gestures

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Just when one part of the sale from the Xbox One, Kinect this host is not necessary, but allows the user to the camera or microphone, to interact with the host. Microsoft Kinect comes next plan in a recent interview with foreign media Polygon .

Xbox chief operating officer Mike Nichols said: 'Overall, we do not deliberately divided into how many users have Kinect how many users do not we will not be too tangled in it..'

'All I can say is that users have Kinect is still a considerable amount, and they often use Kinect. But more often is used to log in the host operating system or interface, when used in the game will be less.'

Kinect has been bundling in the first version of the Xbox One

Nichols declined to give users the Kinect have specific figures, but said he still had a 'majority' Kinect users will often use this device in the first episode of all bundled Xbox One Kinect, but in the near future but did not like Kinect pop up, as expected, and finally back to the split in the form of independent sales. While still a bundle periphery of sale, but only appeared in two Kinect Bundle being.

Users Xbox One's a lot of people are still using Kinect operate their host, and on the other hand there are many users never use their Kinect or simply do not have Kinect. For Microsoft, this may become a problem that needs faced This means going to show two different user groups while providing a system update. In a big update coming next month, it is also very easy to pay attention to make people aware of this problem.

But Nichols said that this is Microsoft has faced problems.

'This is the era of Xbox 360 is not much different, we joined the Kinect, we must consider that there is no equipment in the two cases. We are faced with the same decisions and choices.'

Nichols acknowledged now than when Xbox One has just been launched and has entered a completely different state.

'Just in time for sale, we want to ensure that Kinect hundred percent ownership and usage,' he said, 'so let design becomes simplified.'

'We are not only to have no Kinect Kinect or a certain group design. Users with Kinect can continue to use, will take into account those who are planning to buy Kinect Xbox One but there is no user's.'

Xbox One suit only two still in bundled Kinect

This means that for gamers, the new version of the user interface is likely to be greatly reduced sense of Kinect interface operation. Gestures menu will be completely removed.

'Now the Xbox One does have (gesture this function, but we found that very few people will go to use this feature.' Nichols said, 'Why do we have to continue to do this design?'

I decided not to continue to provide updates for the gesture and to support future, from the perspective of engineers, they have the time to engage in research and development in other areas.

However, in the next version Kinect still have at least some evolution in Xbox One .Nichols expressed in acceding Cortana voice assistant will also provide support for the Kinect. You can also use a microphone or headset typing to search operation. ' For users with the Kinect, it would be a very good experience. '

So the next game Kinect lineup it? Nichols just say there is no work to be published any.

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