Tetris can cure ......

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Tetris can weaken the sex-starved it? Maybe. According << >> addictive behavior, a new study on released sex-starved treatments perhaps everyone's favorite electronic games. Not only that, it hunger for other things also have a therapeutic effect, such as food, cigarettes, so Tetris is perhaps the road leading to the integrity and restraint we desire good helper.

This is exactly how to do it? Researchers at the University of Plymouth, recruited 31 undergraduates, asking them for 7 this report 'hungry' situations every day (any aspect of, or any 'hungry' feeling up time can be report, after which the 15 names that fool was asked to play on the iPod 3 minutes Tetris level report hungry again. It was found that any type of hunger are in decline after playing Tetris.

Professor Jackie Andrade said: 'Tetris effect arises because' hunger 'refers to imagine the experience of consuming a particular item, or indulge in a particular activity such visual interest to play Tetris game occupied the support imagination. The mental process. We difficult side to play Tetris while vivid think of other things. '

This is probably the most bizarre method of treating sex-starved I've heard of a

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