"The Last Guardian" life-sized Owashi debut

Updated: September 17, 2015  Views: 32
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<< >> The Last Guardian

After E3 public notice >> << Last Guardian has gradually faded from people's sight, we had players who reported << >> The Last Guardian will debut a special way TGS 2015, and now it seems this is true a.

Site can interact Owashi

TGS 2015 exhibition at the scene, Sony specifically for << >> Last Guardian opened an interactive area, on display here is the game of life-sized large eagle, the player can interact here and it, as if into the game being. Dengshen big big eagle really extremely shocked, but I think the players want to know the game will be more formal and players to meet when, perhaps early next year we can play to, and perhaps waiting, waiting game is gone. ( Source: Star homeless Editor: kaiko)

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