Milk prices advertised special formula milk powder sold at high prices as a selling point is still the market

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Milk price war going on according to push high-end 'expensive Ye'

Mostly original ecology and unique formula as a selling point, there are still market

Analysis: Iraq Xiaoxia

Last weekend, Wyeth announced the sale of a product called S-26 · Platinum Zhen TM 3 product positioning 'super high end' in China. And a month ago, Abbott introduced Ching Chi organic milk, milk powder brands dm b US Learn Jin in China starting price in 398 yuan of high-end products, Ashley also announced the proposed acquisition of high-end European Bank Mengniu milk business. Although this year has been in the milk price, but advertised the original ecosystem, but a special formula milk powder dare to sell at high prices, and still have a market.

Mostly special formula for selling

Divided according to AC Nielsen, the average retail price per 900 grams of product in more than 300 yuan, is the high-end milk powder. At present, Wyeth, Abbott, led by foreign brands accounted for an absolute advantage of the market, and several well-known infant formula companies, including Yili, Mengniu, flying crane, also frequently force, want to seize the high-end market share points.

'The concept of high-end products, not just the high price, but to have a special recipe, there is a selling point of the product.' Senior dairy analyst Liang Song of the South are reporters the case said. Wyeth introduces Yesterday, they launched a new product, the entire production process completed in Switzerland, a wet process, the original original tank imports. It is their courage to ultra high-end positioning of the basic conditions. Southern reporters found that the current high-end products on the market, basically win on milk, formula and process. flying crane's high-end brand star FeiFan, some prices can be sold 368 yuan a can, its selling point is also stressed that 'exclusive original ecological ranch milk' and 'wet process.'

'China is the world's largest milk powder market, each milk powder brands are optimistic about the market.' Dm b learn Jin product series, the highest price has exceeded 400 yuan a can of its Chinese market leader Mok Ming overflow accepted Southern Reporter interview, said, with respect to the market's ability to digest, the current high-end products sold in China is not a lot. 'I said the high-end, refers to equate price with quality products.' He said that this year, although the milk has been price, but as long as there is selling brand, with its own irreplaceable advantages, is not affected, do not cut prices.

High-end products accounted for 10% -20% market

'Although milk industry overcapacity, price system with international standards, the overall trend is downward price, but that does not mean that high-end products can not exist, it is still there is a market demand.' Song Liang said that in the consumer market, the general product and luxury goods are someone bought, while the high-end milk powder market, the equivalent of a luxury, it accounts for a relatively small, 10% -20% of the market.

Song Liang believes that the real high-end products with mass consumer goods prices differ, and therefore less affected by large environmental impact. It can be said, for those who have requirements for product quality consumers, price is not the deciding factor affecting the purchase, as long as the consumer who recognized that this product will be able to sell out.

It introduces flying crane, after the introduction of satellite FeiFan sales steadily. The major brands in its Gannan plant, the Southern reporter learned from the factory, the current monthly shipped from here to reach out to the stars FeiFan 150-200 tons. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.