Hebei Xingtai: State tax service business more efficient cooperation

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 51

'Originally ran IRD, ran ran rent tax, time consuming, and now the country is in a hall rent, as long as you can handle in one window all the tax business, no longer have to run back and forth.' Granville County, Hebei Dragon Cotton Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Xiang Yi said happily.

Given the country's tax homogeneity duties, clients, and other aspects of the tax specific process, as early as in 2011, Xingtai City, the IRS, the Inland Revenue Department will try to establish a joint system of national and local tax collection work, in sources of revenue management, tax services, aspects of the tax audit, information exchange and actively cooperate to carry out national and local tax office. Currently, Xingtai City has established a new mechanism for cooperation in national and local tax.

Granville County in Xingtai City, the IRS and the Inland Revenue Department relies on county administrative examination and approval service hall for the Joint Tax service establishments, unified planning, co-pilot duties installed units, electronic display, billboards, call number and other common hardware devices, the establishment of 8 'a window Almighty,' the State tax integrated service window, accept the unified handling certificates, invoice recipients, open invoices, tax returns and other services, and change 'queue twice, two halls each country do business rent' for the 'dual- a screen, once called the number, a window through the Office of State tax business. '

'In this way, not only the taxpayers feel the unprecedented convenience, but also to achieve the efficient integration of national and local tax of human resources.' Granville County Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Zhang Wenjun introduced after the completion of the integration of the tax service hall, national and local tax taxation personnel from the original 23 people are now reduced to 10 people, improve work efficiency.

Xingtai City, South County State tax authorities on the basis of joint tax service hall building on further strengthening cooperation and developing the commission levied by businesses. State tax authorities timely adjustment of tax collection and management information systems, from the tax authorities for value-added tax, consumption tax payers and withholding agent shall pay or remit the urban maintenance and construction tax, education surtax, local education surcharge be levied, taxpayers report and pay tax at the same time declare and pay taxes over tax taxes levied for further cost savings, improving the efficiency of tax collection.

We know that the taxpayer can submit Xingtai City Government rent tax registration change any window application, submit relevant documents in accordance with the required changes to the project. Receive window receiving the application, after the entry information, the other automatically receive, complement, and then the return of business receive window, by the documents after the change to the taxpayers.

On the collaboration of tax enforcement, Xingtai City State tax authorities to implement 'co-ordination, uniform implementation, once into the household, the results shared' management style, a clear division of responsibilities, standardize collaborative processes, enhance information exchange and sharing of the same items only once checks and shared between departments effectively prevent the long law enforcement, the repetitive inspections, would minimize the impact on the taxpayer's normal production and operation.

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