Microblogging strategic investment "letter" bet communications

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Beijing reported trainee reporter Wang Zhuanhong

It is a listed company through the acquisition of start-up team, to cut the story of the new field. Recently, Sina microblogging announced to hundred million dollars worth of cash and resources to strategic investment 'letter', which is mainly to provide users with network communications services.

User scale and technology accumulation, called microblogging selected letter were two main reasons for the investment. It is reported that there are now believed to have the size of a hundred million registered users, but mainly concentrated in the four-tier cities.

Today, microblogging hope to have faith to create new value, for example, within a O2O platform, there are believed to be the bear communication function, in order to gradually seek commercialization.

To develop scenarios

Sina microblogging saw a letter it? Sina Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei replied, his eyes on the letter 'technical heritage and operations law.' It is understood that a letter network technology company founded in 2012, its founding team 'have more than a decade of experience in the Internet and communications industries. '

Mainly to provide users with a letter calling solutions. For example, at the technical level, a letter will be converted to speech coding, if the other party does not have to install a client letter, then allocated to each other through conventional telephone form.

Wang Gaofei told reporters, over time, have been looking microblogging accumulation in the network telephony team, but the principle of the selection of projects, the company in the communications market requires strong technical accumulation, 'do not vote pure Internet companies.'

Weibo user scale also choose to invest in one of the reasons for the letter. By the end of 2014, a letter size of more than 100 million users, of which Japan millions of active users. According to the ratio of the Advisory released << 2015 second quarter China VoIP applications market monitoring report >>, a letter user activity coverage of 27.4%.

Sequoia Capital China Fund Partner Kui Zhou told reporters that the high frequency of use of Internet telephony, vulnerable to investor favor, in addition to voice communications products for high technical requirements, easy to form a barrier to competition.

Sequoia Capital is one of the early investors believe is worth mentioning that, Sequoia China is also Sina investors. In addition, last June, in the lead investor Sequoia Capital Today's headlines B round of financing, micro Hiroya As with the cast party to enter.

In announcing obtain Weibo investment, while there are also believed to pull to the 58 city as its partner .58 Zhang Chuan, senior vice president of the city stressed to reporters, 'Communications is the bottom 58', their future cooperation scenarios, users in 58 By letter telephone to contact each other on a platform.

Not difficult to imagine, in the direction of O2O will generate a large number of communications needs. Microblogging hope to have faith to take this cut, and launch a package of subsidies policies. There are aspects of the letter announced that the company will come up with 100 million yuan next conduct subsidies, 'is mainly carried out by partner paid.' Liu CEO letter is telling the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, a letter hopes to build more call scenarios.

It is worth mentioning that, including a letter, including many Internet phone software, the previous scene is quite single communication: users are mainly concentrated in the four-tier cities, such users are more sensitive to operator tariff packages prices. user scale are key data channel can not be bypassed, it hopes to expand its natural scenarios, attract new user groups.

For letter and microblogging, the through subsidies to attract partners, and indeed to expand the scale of cooperation in the short term. But how to make long-term integration of product features into different platforms, undoubtedly fit between the product itself, as well as operational capabilities test.

Do not look at earnings

According to the official statement, microblogging hope to have faith synergy: User concentrated in three or four lines of a letter, or be able to help achieve microblogging channel sink concrete forms of cooperation, including the user through microblogging client. direct dial telephone and answering a letter. Wang Gaofei told reporters that cooperation also includes companies have settled microblogging future gradually promote the use of a letter as one of the contact details.

And many of the same instant messaging products, a letter is mainly to provide value-added service profitable. Wang Gaofei revealed microblogging investment letter, which cut a lot and leading independent business communications, many of them able to provide such a good game areas of cash flow in order to achieve product focus.

'We are trying to achieve cooperation and multiple platforms.' Liu being said it does not currently have a letter to reporters that a specific proportion of paying customers, 'Through our efforts, in the past this time paying customers rate increase two or three times.'

In fact, Internet phone development so far, has been unable to have a clear business model. In Skype, for example, despite the accumulation of hundreds of millions of users, but did not seek to be able to support its development of a source of profit, eventually removed was sold to eBay [micro Bo], Microsoft [microblogging]. In addition, Skype after being sold to eBay, eBay had been high hopes into the trading session, but the fact that the extent of the trading platform for voice communications product demand is lower than expected.

According to public financial statements, microblogging in September last year and in December, the monthly number of active users (MAU respectively 167,000,000 and 175,700,000 as of March this year, despite the microblogging remains nearly 90 million daily active users, but the growth rate It has tended to slow down.

Although you do not see a profit in the short term hope, but agreed that the number of investors and entrepreneurs in the domestic Internet telephony is expected to produce a large company, which is the micro-Bo is willing to allocate funds and resources, there is a letter of the reasons bet .

'There must fight a protracted war.' Wang Gaofei said letter shall do not achieve profitability within a decade to prepare. 'You have to have plenty of time, plenty of power, first built infrastructure network, in order to usher Business of the day. '

In addition to funding, microblogging will inject part of the human resources to have faith. It is reported that the future will focus on microblogging and social media in a very long time. And for communications and other fields, microblogging or to intervene by way of investment, and to give financial, marketing and other aspects of support.

On this basis, there is a letter, whether micro-channel phone book and other products will affect the interests of operators, the parties also have to consider the factor. 'When a user accustomed to solve all his needs through the data, the operator's own revenue and cost structure structure will change. 'Wang Gaofei judgment, operators will slowly accept this form.

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