Jilin quality checks Inspection: Heibang on special steps such as children 23 brands

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New Culture News (Reporter Hu Jing) on the 19th, Jilin AIC publish children's clothing, cloth, underwear and footwear circulation quality sampling test results showed that special steps for children, Peas wardrobe, Korea and other 23 brands according to baby 27 kinds of commodities on the black list.

Jilin City, Jilin Province Industry and Commerce Bureau for Industry and Commerce Bureau commissioned circulation within the jurisdiction of a number of companies selling children's clothing, cloth, underwear and footwear products were random test. The random testing using the relevant national standards and mandatory product standards expressly commodities on product description, fiber content, color fastness, pH, and other projects have been tested. 50 sets of samples were taken, of which 27 groups failed, a failure rate of 54% (the business sector, the quality of goods has a certain random inspection targeted test result does not mean that the overall quality level of the market circulation of commodities).

The main problems are:

1. Children's clothing product description, fiber content, pH value, formaldehyde content, color fastness test items have emerged substandard products. Fiber content is the main cause of substandard goods quality projects.

2. cloth goods mainly failed project fiber content of non-compliance.

3. underwear commodities as security items pH and formaldehyde content, there have been failed, according to the standard, direct contact with the skin products pH value of 4.0 to 8.5, non-direct contact with skin products pH value of 4.0 to 9.0, direct contact product formaldehyde content of the skin should be 75mg / kg, non-direct contact with skin products formaldehyde content should be 300mg / kg. test results show that the current quality of the goods on the market in lingerie safety performance can not be ignored, commodity inspection and quality checks work also needs to be strengthened.

4. footwear appearing failed project to help end the peel strength of non-compliance.

Jilin AIC requirements from the date of publication, the operators of substandard goods should be based on published information, stop selling substandard goods. Area of industry and commerce authorities to check on the organization of substandard goods on the market in this area, the operators of substandard goods handled according to law. At the same time, to remind consumers in the purchase of goods, should pay attention to see commodity identification, certification, understand commodity-related information, suspected counterfeit goods, please call Industry 12315 telephone complaints, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

(Jilin AIC circulation of goods quality checks by sampling unqualified list of goods and see a new culture network)

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