"Hunger Games" exposed showdown big cousin Tears of Blood Trailer

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Directed by Francis Lawrence, Oscar Houzhannifu Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, 'glamorous' Sam Claflin, Oscar winner starring Julianne Moore phenomenal Hollywood sci-fi giant system << Hunger Games 3: Razz Bird (under >> (hereinafter referred to as << Hunger Games 3 (under >>, has set November 20 to file 2D / 3D / IMAX format in Mainland China release. Today, the film exposure of a 'showdown' version Chinese Soon, the new grand panorama of the scene, asphalt raging flood strikes, 'the 76th Hunger Games' tempt the appetite, the strongest ultimate showdown shocked to open. In addition, the film's Creative poster also officially announced, big cousin Jennifer Lawrence lips bright red roses cover eyes, solemn expression simply beautiful and cry, the visual effect is quite strong suction eye.

Creative poster eye-catching beauty big cousin cry Tears of Blood

This creative poster to cool white tone for the tone, red and black lines mix, create a fantastic atmosphere dazzling, extravagant overhead and video story echoes. Poster, Jennifer Lawrence played solemnly Kai Nisi with ridicule birds seamless. The most eye-catching is that Kai Nisi eye covering a cold white roses, roses shed behind a few bloodstains, like tears Tears of Blood, thrilling. Kai Nisi chest ridicule birds wings, then her shoulders like a coronation badge of honor. laugh beneath the bird, the capital of heavily armed soldiers, uniform gun against, but also a symbol of the ultimate war imminent. below soldiers, two white roses stained with blood, suggesting that the ultimate war will bring a heavy price. The whole poster, full of tragic and murderous, but also indicates the ultimate battle of the atmosphere.

It is worth mentioning that the emergence of creative poster white rose, in fact, has been the representative of President Snow, because every time he played will carry white roses, to cover the smell of blood in his mouth. The reason that there is the smell of blood, Snow has been used because the poison murder against him, means to take is for and against his people together to drink poisoned wine, though he would drink the antidote in advance, but the poison has left him rotting offal to produce the scent children. The series of films, President Snow often send 凯妮丝 white roses, finished 13th district bombing when the ruins across white roses, had let 凯妮丝 quite fear. Obviously nothing is as white roses, has become Kai Nisi powerful weapon to destroy the heart. This innovative posters and white roses, tears Tears of Blood, is also a symbol of the last one in 凯妮丝 will expand the ultimate showdown with President Snow.

Towards the ultimate showdown Trailer Battle all-star lineup full debut

The exposure of the 'showdown' version Chinese Soon to 芬尼克 with Anne in the opening 13 area weddings, sweet atmosphere and then gradually upgrade the tune war situation in stark contrast. In 凯妮丝 people to resist the call of 施惠国, And between her and President Snow will also usher in the ultimate showdown. With the outbreak of war, vowing to shoot Kate Nice President Snow led the counter-attack military detachments reached Kay Pitt capital, but this time Kay Pitt Capitals people have been completely withdrawn, organs strewn ghost town seems to have become the latest Hunger Games giant arena, building overturning surface subsidence, pitch black raging flood strikes, grand war scenes amazing, and the trailer at the end, 'Welcome to the 76 th Hunger Games, 'the lines is tempt the audience appetite.

Led by a notice from this, the film's all-star lineup full debut, 'glamorous' Sam Claflin finally Outrageous, kiss the screen of a congregation of fans poured again, gains in 2015 Oscar winner Actress Julianne Moore Grand Slam, a silver-haired shape is quite bright, 'Addict Little Rose' Natalie 多默尔 yin and yang head shape and dark green tattoos, still domineering valiant, 'big cousin' a Jennifer Lawrence military uniform and went to the battlefield, and Josh Hutcherson Shenqingxiangyong, on a gap between the two seems to have been relieved, Liam Hemsworth is still tall and handsome, quietly beside her guard Jennifer go to the battlefield together. Elizabeth Banks will return to the 'pompous Effie' exaggerated fashion dress become movie dash of color, it is worth mentioning that the late Oscar-winner Philip Hoffman still camera flash, according to Learn in this section, he will have important scenes.

<< Hunger Games 3 (under >> adapted from Suzanne Collins best-selling novel of the same name, produced by the Lions Gate Films, the introduction of China Film Group Corporation, China Film and Huaxia Film Distribution Co., a limited liability company jointly issued << I >> legendary director Francis Lawrence directed the Oscar Houzhannifu Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, 'glamorous' Sam Claflin, Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore, 'Addict Little Rose' Natalie Duomo Er, 'the old drama of bone' Donald Sutherland, and the late Oscar-winner Philip Hoffman starred as the series final chapter, the story of this section The ultimate battle will begin, involved in the war whirlpool heroine 凯妮丝 will lead the Rebels with President Snow went to the capital to start a decisive battle, a war will inevitably swept 帕纳姆 country, and must abandon fear and 凯妮丝mistrust, become rebels, 'mocked the birds.' It is reported that the film will be on November 20 in 2D / 3D / IMAX format Chinese in mainland China release.

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