Nearly half of private equity fund managers filing Trust

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 33

Recently, the trust filed the enthusiastic private equity fund managers. Information China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association data show that in just the past nine months, there are six Trust completed the record, as of now, there are already 31 trust companies, At least 23 specialized subsidiaries Trust filed a 'private equity fund managers.'

In the industry view, the capital market is more and more the importance of trust, under the sub-sector regulatory system, record private equity fund managers to better contribute to the trust to carry out this business. At the same time, some of the trust The company also took the initiative to gradually increase its investment securities management capabilities.

Nearly half of the Trust for the record

September 29, the National Investment Trust filed Taikang private equity fund managers. So far, there are already 31 private equity fund managers become trust filing, which means that in all 68 trusts, there are nearly half a 'private fund manager. '

From the time of filing, the universal Trust completed registration last October 23, becoming the first private equity fund managers trust record, then there are some trust companies have registered, especially since the second quarter of this year, there are 24 trust companies 'get together' for the record. In addition, according to the relevant researchers to incomplete statistics, there are at least 23 private trust owned subsidiary completed the record.

A trust company researchers record that the current trust and private trust owned subsidiary 'get together' for the record private equity fund managers, a large capital market logic is more and more trust attention. In fact, in recent years, by the macroeconomic downside factors, trust traditional real estate trust, Masanobu cooperation and other business increasingly difficult, a lot of trust and even into cash crisis 'quagmire', and since the second half of last year, compared with the A-share bullish Trust Open against a newly of 'the door.' That time, less than previously engaged in securities investment trust company business publicly stated that in 2015, the capital market will be one of its most important business direction.

Contractual fund Temptation

Taikang SDIC Trust, said private equity fund managers to obtain qualifications, further enriching the path to business implementation. The future may be through the issuance of contractual funds to carry out cross-market private equity fund management business in providing customers with more extensive financial At the same products, but also lay the foundation for the company to build a diversified asset management platform, development of various types of private equity fund management business.

Insiders further said that after filing private equity fund managers, trust companies through the issuance of contractual funds of private equity funds or limited partnership, to a certain extent, making the operation more flexible. In particular, the conduct of business by the above method, you can not receive the relevant regulatory constraints trust business, to further expand the scope of investment, but do not take up net capital trust, do not trust the industry to pay the guarantee fund, reduced trust exhibition industry costs. In addition, as described above related product release, avoid or transfer set by the enterprise because trust plan set by the board and led to ownership restrictions or trust scheme can not be listed. In fact, the China Securities Journal reporter learned that the current record of the trust company has issued a contractual fund and limited partnership funds.

In addition, the China Securities Journal reporter learned that this year, there have been a number of trust companies are turning to the issue of private equity funds to explore the active management of securities investment business. A trust who are engaged in this business think, under the private equity environment, Trust no rigid payment of pressure, are more willing to try to actively manage the business. He said the current trust to try a way this kind of business is to issue a contract based private equity fund, and then make another one docking limited partnership fund The limited partner (LP), investment advisers, as general partner (GP). The source believes that although the deal still needs the structure of investment adviser, but in terms of the trust company, investment securities already issued an actively managed product. The industry believes that the current trust securities investment research capacity is weak, only gradually develop in this way. In the long run, trust companies need timely financial institutions to get rid of dependence on other aspects of the investment adviser, investment management enhancement initiative input. (Liu Xia Village) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.