Day letter investment in early assessment: short-term market is facing some pressure

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 9

Day letter investment in early assessment

Although the market opened higher Monday morning after another, and at the same time once stood on the 3400 point integer mark, but then again that afternoon diving signs of market adjustment of overall market last Monday, did not continue the pattern of last week's rally, but in the a certain pressure near the 3400 points, but Shanghai and Shenzhen trading volume has decreased compared with the previous trading day, but still maintain a relatively high level, and the daily limit in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks are still at the top of several hundred homes the market has not weakened the effect of making money. Sports Concept, water, baby supplies, lithium batteries, culture and leisure sector gainers, aviation, water supply, software, satellite navigation and other sector led the declines.

Monday, although the two cities have high open market, but the formation of a shock after the close small Yin, and failed to appear again this week opener trend. In fact, this trend is a normal market reaction, unnecessary paranoia, because getting into October Since the market an anti-fall before four months in a row upside trend in just seven trading days the stock index rose only then nearly 12%, while the Shenzhen Component Index, or GEM and other indices are also higher. In addition, combined with the stock between 3400 -3500 point there is a very large upward range, so the index in 3400 near the shock consolidation is a normal phenomenon.

From the news side perspective, the National Bureau of Statistics announced on Monday the third quarter economic data, the actual figure is 6.9%, while the market is generally expected to be 6.8 percent, economic indicators are significantly exceeded market expectations, indicating the economy is not as pessimistic market expectations, but is a good phenomenon.

From the data, financing the balance of the two cities has been a net inflow of 7 consecutive days, approaching one trillion yuan again one-day financing to buy two cities the size of the low recovery from 30 billion yuan to more than a thousand billion level in two large financial balance Under the premise of increased, another very interesting phenomenon is the safety of the two financial balances rising collateral whole market capitalization increased 2.86 trillion yuan from 3.31 trillion yuan. rapid increase in the collateral market, we estimate are involved Some small-cap stocks is mainly explained market investor appetite on the rise!

On the whole, the market is facing some short-term pressure, although intraday Monday a certain order, but the intensity and time are not enough, do not rule out short-term (one to two days) continue to have the possibility of finishing. But the trend towards good premise, market consolidation stage, often time is also part of the subject turns to strong stock performance, more phased big bull stock. In the short term, we believe that the subject shares still have a good opportunity to show, in particular graphene , lithium battery, charging pile rising power is still relatively abundant, in addition, the recent continuous adjustment software sector is expected to once again return to the cusp, also recommended investors short-term positive attention. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.